Tim Y.

November 25, 2007

MotionPoint Soars in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tim Y.

November 25, 2007

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by an independent marketing firm, MotionPoint has again solidified its reputation as the leader in website translation. The South Florida-based company has consistently delivered high quality multi-lingual websites to its customers … and those customers are raving about the results.

Ninety-eight percent of MotionPoint's clients would choose MotionPoint again as their website translation service, the 2007 survey said. And 98% of the company's clients would also recommend MotionPoint to a peer.

Customer satisfaction scores from the mid-80 and 90s abounded in the survey. Nearly 95 percent of respondents were satisfied with MotionPoint's professionalism; more than 90 percent were satisfied with the staff's knowledge in translation, linguistic and technical matters. MotionPoint's teamwork efficiency and IT support scored mid-80 percent satisfaction ratings.

MotionPoint's groundbreaking Website Language Management (WLM) service is designed to be a breezy, one-stop "fire and forget" solution for organisations seeking to translate their websites. Client sites are typically translated in less than 90 days. MotionPoint's approach requires few client IT resources, unlike all other time-intensive, expensive legacy methods.

But communication between MotionPoint and its clients is critical during the WLM process-and according to clients, MotionPoint excels at this. Clients were particularly impressed by MotionPoint's expertise during the "conversion" and "deployment" stages of WLM, in which MotionPoint translates and delivers the client's website, and the multi-lingual site is activated with MotionPoint's intuitive "one-link" interface.

In addition, MotionPoint's clients reported minimal in-house IT work to deploy and QA their multi-lingual websites. This in-house requirement was typically measured in "person-hours," versus months or years using legacy approaches.

And after the translated sites were live, customer satisfaction soared further: MotionPoint received nearly 90 percent satisfaction ratings with post-launch site maintenance and technical support.

"MotionPoint is a very accommodating partner," one client said. "Implementing (our) site was straightforward and efficient. MotionPoint made valuable recommendations throughout the development process, helping (us) successfully deploy our current e-commerce site."

Added another client: “(MotionPoint) does a fantastic job.”

Sixty-four percent of MotionPoint's client base replied to the 2007 survey. At the time of the survey, all of the clients' multi-lingual sites were delivered, live and viewable to the public. The survey was released in June 2007 by Clientize, a South Florida-based independent marketing firm.


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