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Discover the benefits of localising your website with the industry's only concierge-level translation platform.

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The Best Proxy Solution in the Industry. Hands-Down.

MotionPoint is the inventor and pioneer of proxy technology in the translation industry. For over 20 years we've been providing the best translation quality in the world to customers like JetBlue, Scotiabank, and many more. This also means that for over 20 years, we've identified all the pain points of the translation lifecycle and have smartly engineered our proxy technology and services to ensure your translation projects run smoothly - all while lowering your price per word translation costs.

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MotionPoints of Differentiation

100% Content Detection

MotionPoint's server-based proxy captures all your web presence, including text, dynamic content, and images with embedded text. Other proxy solutions, including browser-based proxies, frequently miss these types of tricky content segments, leaving you with two options: have an incomplete website translation product or pay more for additional human translation to fix the issue.

Right-Sized Translation

Selectively choose between human translation, machine translation and generative AI to control costs without sacrificing quality. Website translation is not a one-size-fits-all project - it's dependent on the specific goals and desired outcomes of your organisation. You tell us what pages need to be perfect, and what pages don't require the same level of attention. This will help you maximise your budget and achieve the best results possible.

Beyond Word Services

Our Beyond Word Services goes beyond providing word-for-word translations for your website. With our comprehensive solution and dedicated team, we effortlessly deliver content in the languages specific to your diverse audience, relieving you of any manual effort. The Beyond Word subscription includes concierge-level services.

Automatic Content Queueing

No matter how much new content you add to your site, it all gets sent to the queue for translation daily. Competitors rely on batch processing - or minimum translation requirements - which will often result in less-than-fully translated website content until your content changes reach a minimum threshold.

Meet the Alternatives

LSPs and Freelancers

Relying solely on freelancers may result in inconsistencies in translation quality, slower turnaround times, and difficulties in managing multiple language versions of your website. In contrast, MotionPoint's solution provides a comprehensive approach, combining cutting-edge technology with professional linguists, ensuring accurate and consistent translations, faster deployment, and streamlined management of multilingual websites.

MotionPoint vs Generic Machine Translation and LLMs

In an effort to keep costs low, many organisations have turned to free solutions such as ChatGPT or Google Translate to handle their website translation needs. These solutions are indeed revolutionary technologies in their ability to respond to natural dialogues and provide answers to complex queries. But they cannot deliver many of the most essential components of website translation projects on a consistent basis. Abilities such as automatic content detection, automatic content deployment, and region-specific localisation

MotionPoint vs Browser-Based Proxy Solutions

Unlike browser-based proxy solutions, MotionPoint seamlessly integrates with a website's infrastructure, allowing for real-time updates and accurate translation of dynamic content. It also offers additional services like quality assurance and on-going support, providing a comprehensive, concierge-level translation experience. In contrast, browser-based proxy solutions often struggle with dynamic content and may lack the expertise necessary for accurate translations, making MotionPoint a more reliable and effective choice.

Translation Integrations

The MotionPoint platform is a unique website translation solution that contrasts with the manual nature of translation integrations. Plug-ins, APIs and translation connectors are integrations that require internal teams to continuously manage, update and actively ensure the quality output of translated websites. Translation integrations also need to be updated to the latest version of your CMS. This makes website redesigns or website re-platforming projects perilous to translated experiences. MotionPoint's solution goes beyond the confines of any CMS because it's CMS agnostic, and it aims to completely automate translation quality assurance and the on-going website translation maintenance.

Translation Industry Landscape

Different types of website translation solutions come with different strengths and weaknesses
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Determine if You Need Concierge-Level Website Translation

MotionPoint's concierge level solution is designed to deliver an effortless, highly automated website translation service for organisations that vary in size and vertical.

However, MotionPoint May Not Be Ideal if Your Organisation Is:

Staffed with a large internal team and fully committed to translating content in-house

Not updating your website

Not interested in the quality of your translations

Then MotionPoint may not be the perfect solution for you.

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