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MP Concierge

A concierge-level, fully managed website localisation platform. Quickly and cost-efficiently translate content without sacrificing quality or burdening your team.

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Concierge-Level Website Localisation Services Managed For You


A Fully Automated Website Localisation Platform with White Glove Services

MP Concierge consists of three pillars engineered to deliver quality translation at a faster pace with lesser cost:

MP Core

MP Core is the industry’s most advanced proxy translation technology and can also connect with your website through translation integrations such as connectors, plugins and APIs.

MP Core centralises control of the translation process. When new content is published on your English website, MP Core automatically assigns that content for translation. After translation, it can be reviewed or automatically published in real-time.

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Adaptive Translation™

Adaptive Translation™ combines generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), Algorithmic Translation, and Translation Memory to deliver cost-efficiencies that reduce human translation costs.

With Adaptive Translation™, the average customer saves 40% and could save up to 60% on human translation costs without sacrificing quality.

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Beyond Word Services

Translation is more complex than language and words. It's also about process and technology.

Your concierge-level service includes 24/7 customer support, a dedicated customer success rep, a translation team, web engineering, and quality assurance analysts working hard to make translation look easy. 

Our localisation experts will also guide you through your machine translation post editing options to ensure you make the best possible decision for your company.

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Benefits of MP Concierge

Whether you're new to translation technology or looking to switch from a current translation provider, MotionPoint's Localisation Platform generates unmatched translation costs, quality, and speed.

MP Core's Proxy Technology

Our proxy technology makes the MP Concierge almost effortless for customers. MotionPoint's proxy easily distinguishes your website's translatable content from its code, assigning any new content for translation. This future-proof solution works no matter how complex or dynamic your website is, and regardless of what CMS you use or re-platform to.

By leveraging MotionPoint’s concierge-level localisation platform, you can deliver a faster and more scalable multilingual website with unmatched translation accuracy.

Unburden your internal marketing teams and start saving on human translation costs today.

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