Software Localization Services

Easily Translate Your Most Complex UX and UI

Strengthen your relationship with new audiences by localizing your software applications, mobile apps, online portals, or product experiences.

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Localize Where it Matters Most

MP Concierge is designed to enable you to focus your resources and budget allocation on your website's most important pages. Our localization experts will work with you to understand which pages are part of your critical conversion path, or most relevant to the specific goals of your organization, and ensure those pages are flawlessly localized.

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Our Solution for Software Localization

MotionPoint provides customers the ability to localize any user interface (UI) content into your customer's preferred language. Whether it's an application or product feed, we have the solution.

Mobile App Translation

We can deliver quality translated content for web, native, or hybrid mobile apps.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Ensure all sell product feeds are localized for the right audiences and markets across all distribution channels.

Marketing Automation Software

Continue to automate the marketing processes by allowing us to integrate with your end-to-end management of marketing campaigns for translation.

Choose MotionPoint For Your Software Translation Project

We integrate with any technology stack to seamlessly automate the translation workflow. Eliminate cumbersome translation tasks and reach new markets fast.
Control the Localization Process
Collaborate with your team. Assign translation jobs, track your progress, and never get charged for the exact translation twice.
Faster Time to Market
Our translations are ready when you need them. After launch, once assigned, new translations are typically completed within one business day.
Save Money & Ensure Quality
Our translation memory, style guide, and glossary terms provide high-quality, industry-centric translations with considerable cost savings.
Less Work for Developers
Give your developers their time back. Shorten the development sprints with our pre-built translation integrations.

Take a Deeper Dive

Want to learn more about the translation and localization industry? Check out our resource section and become an expert on all things related to a great multilingual experience.

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