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MotionPoint's Partnership Programme

Give meaningful savings to your clients! Have a meeting with us on their behalf or refer us a client and they will get 25% off MotionPoint's technology, sign-up up for details!

Here's how it works:

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1. Refer a Client to MotionPoint

2. Client Becomes a Customer

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3. Client receives 25% off MotionPoint Technology

Why Partner with MotionPoint?

MotionPoint is designed to effortlessly offer high-quality multilingual content to website visitors. We're not a marketing agency, we mirror your efforts and amplify your value.

Impressive Growth Opportunities

Becoming a MotionPoint partner means opening up new business streams and deepening your impact with the support of our constantly growing ecosystem of partnerships.

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Bring Value to Your Customers

We believe in empowering businesses to thrive in global markets. Join us as a MotionPoint partner and offer your customers the best website translation in the industry, while sharing in their success.

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Leverage MotionPoint's Expertise

MotionPoint has been an industry leader in website translation for over 20 years. When you partner with MotionPoint, you're aligning with a company that has a proven track record of providing accurate and culturally relevant website translations.

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Why Translate with MotionPoint?

When solving website translation projects for clients, marketing agencies often go through this process: they research, they call, they go to the cheapest solutions first. This leads to unhappy clients receiving low quality website translation.

To prevent expensive errors, grasp these key points on website translation:


Cheaper does not mean better


Website Translation is much harder than it looks


There are three main ways to solve website translation:

Proxy translation

Translation integrations

In-house, manual translation

Part of your responsibility to your customers will be selecting the option that gives them exactly what they need. If your customers are seeking a low lift, hands-off, and highly automated translation technology, MotionPoint will be the clear-cut choice.

Why Do Companies Localize Website Content?

The value of website localisation becomes abundantly clear as companies pivot to serve multilingual customers in local and global markets. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with global audiences.

Global and Multilingual Growth

Global internet users now expect to conduct online business in their preferred languages. Without website translation, you risk losing potential customers and limiting your market reach.

Enhanced Brand Image

Your website represents your brand's identity. An untranslated or poorly translated website may convey a negative impression, undermining your efforts to attract and retain customers.

SEO Benefits

A translated website not only enhances the user experience but also boosts your search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and brand awareness within your target markets.

What Your Customers Will Get from MotionPoint

Cost Savings

By referring a client, you help them earn a 25% discount on MotionPoint's technology. Contact sales for details.

The Best Proxy Technology

Our automated content-detection technologies swiftly queue new content for translation, ensuring a seamless user experience while preserving the essence of your original website. If you prefer, you can integrate with whatever technology you choose.

Quality Assurance

Our algorithms and expert linguists perform rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure your localised site functions flawlessly and displays perfectly across all devices.

SEO Optimisation

Leverage international SEO best practices to improve site performance, implement hreflang and global sitemaps, and optimise structured data for enhanced search visibility.

Always-On Content Detection and Translation

Our proxy translation automatically detects all your website's new content updates and assigns them for translation. It then publishes those human quality translations automatically in the same look and feel as your origin website. This typically takes about one working day or less.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Beyond Words Services include teams of Project Managers, Web Engineers, and Customer Success Managers will ensure a smooth translation and deployment process, delivering a unique and customised implementation of your translated website.

Join us today and discover the power of partnership with MotionPoint! Together, we'll unlock new opportunities for your business and your customers.

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