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MotionPoint’s technology, combined with their high-quality translation, has been a worry-free solution for us.

Erwin Pijpers
Senior Vice President of Global Sales

MotionPoint’s high quality translation of our technical information enables us to serve our customers better.

Lance Bielke
Head of Digital Commerce

The topics we deal with require thoughtful, respectful translations. MotionPoint’s translations are timely, accurate and culturally sensitive.

Jeff Stewart
Assistant Vice President, Digital Communications

We build best-in-class translation teams.

MotionPoint sets industry best practices for selecting expert linguists and other professionals to oversee your website translation project. We use the highest standards to hire and continually train our personnel.

Unrivaled Expertise

MotionPoint leverages expert translation and account teams, each with their respective industry-leading specialities, to oversee every aspect of our customers' translation projects.

Secure Translation Processes

In addition to ISO 17100 processes for vetting linguists, MotionPoint uses a recommended approach for translating highly sensitive content. This is integrated into our Information Security Policy.

Rigorous Requirements

We employ college-educated linguists, with subject matter expertise, who are native speakers of the languages they translate into. Less than 6% of applicants pass our certification exam. Even fewer are hired.

Powerful, persuasive translations that drive your business.

The linguists powering our website translation services are among the world's best. They leverage authoritative resources and proven processes to ensure translation quality, accuracy and authenticity.

Glossary and Style Guide

We create a unique localised glossary and style guide that documents your industry's terms and brand voice. This is reviewed and approved by your team if needed.

Multistage Review

Once your content has been localised, it's reviewed and revised again to ensure it consistently captures your brand's voice, and the unique needs of your business.

Quality Control Checkpoints

As we translate your site for the first time, we conduct rigorous quality assurance audits. We review pages, check word choice and incorporate your feedback.

Options for every need and budget.

Website translation projects vary in size, nuance and depth. MotionPoint offers several translation options to accommodate your project's scope and budget.

Human Translation

Our Human Translation option delivers world-class quality. Professional linguists localize your online content. Editors then proofread the material to ensure all translations align to your brand.

Hybrid Translation

Our Hybrid Translation option offers a combination of Human and Machine translation to localize specific website pages or sections of webpages, depending on your needs and budget.

Machine Translation

Our Machine Translation option leverages an automated website translation software solution. This cost-saving option may be ideal for localising the less brand-sensitive content on your site.

Comprehensive, turn-key translation management.

To ensure consistency across all global markets, MotionPoint's solution automatically detects new content on your origin website and assigns it for immediate translation on your localised versions. Here's our six-step process:

1. Identify

We analyse your site for new content every day

2. Queue

New content is instantly sent to your translation team

3. Assign

Linguists immediately receive translation assignments

4. Translate

Content is translated for your brand and market

5. Proof/Edit

Translations are reviewed for consistency and accuracy

6. Activate

Translations are approved and published

This entire process typically happens in one working day.

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We’re dedicated to your brand.

MotionPoint selects each account team member for their industry experience, subject matter expertise, and overall fit for every customer's website translation project. Your account team works with you throughout the life of your project.

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