World-Class Website Translation

With MotionPoint, websites are relevant and compelling in every market, thanks to our efficient ISO-certified translation processes and peerless experience.

Our translators aren’t just fluent in languages.
They’re fluent in the unique linguistic needs of markets and industries.


Your Brand, Perfectly Presented

MotionPoint's linguists collaborate with the world's most brand-sensitive companies, every day. We consistently deliver translations that capture their personality, intelligence, wordplay and wit.

Urban Outfitters

Our work is nuanced, resonant—and always relevant.

Great translations transcend words. They project a company's ethos artfully, compellingly and consistently.

MotionPoint’s wordsmiths meticulously and successfully represent your brand, in new languages, to new consumers around the world.

Victoria's Secret

Cost Saving

Industry-Leading Cost Savings.

MotionPoint delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

MotionPoint’s platform streamlines and simplifies the translation process, and identifies opportunities to save money—such as the free, automatic population of previously-translated content, and more.


Our Process

The creative control you want. The unrivaled expertise you need.

Professional translators

Our translation teams always have the right industry and market expertise.

You’re empowered

Provide guidance and exercise creative control of your localised content.

Artistry and care, 24/7

We work tirelessly to capture the voice and verve of your primary-market content.

You choose your team

We provide biographies of our linguists, and encourage clients to interview them.

Be hands-on, or hands-off

Contribute as much, or as little, to the translation process as you wish.

Strict quality control

Translations are reviewed by multiple team members, to ensure consistency and quality.

We’re fluent in you

Through immersive collaboration, we understand the nuances of your brand.

A shared vision

Together, we create glossaries and guidelines to convey your brand's personality, globally.

The final word

Editors and Lead Linguists also review the localised content before publication.


An Enterprise Solution

Our Globalisation Platform easily scales to deliver a localisation solution for your entire enterprise.

Our TranSend® Web Service is one such translation tool for enterprise-wide content. This web-based portal empowers you to retrieve your translations for any self-serve online or offline use.

Leverage this content for local digital marketing, offline documents, in-store signage, and more. These translations are available for use any time you wish, for any purpose, at no cost.

They’re Your Translations

There’s no lock-in with MotionPoint’s approach.

Your company owns every word of its MotionPoint-translated content.

These translations can be exported in the industry-standard TMX format at any time, for use with external translation tools.

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