Southwest Airlines Extends its LUV to U.S. Hispanics

“MotionPoint is terrific at what they do. They make things incredibly easy for us and are really good at helping us increase the performance of our Spanish language site.”

- Tony Szatkowski, Senior Manager Online Production, Southwest Airlines

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Luxury Hotel Brings 5-Star Online Experience to International Guests

“MotionPoint’s technology, combined with high-quality translation, has been a worry-free solution for us.”

- Josh Herman, Executive Director, Marketing and PR, Fontainebleau Miami Beach

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Securing International Growth Online

"With MotionPoint, I sleep well at night knowing our localised websites run on autopilot-which is exactly what we want."

Marti Gahlman, Director - Digital Strategy & Web Services

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Heating Up Global Marketing with a Streamlined Solution

"MotionPoint's high quality translation of our technical information-coupled with its technology-have enabled us to serve our customers better. It's been a great fit for our business."

- Lance Bielke. Manager, Marketing Communications, Thermon

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Improving the Global Online Experience with MotionPoint

“MotionPoint proactively acts as an extra set of eyes that we don’t have here, which has been very helpful.”

—Natalie Yuengel, Senior Digital Marketing Representative, Trinseo

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Enhancing the Multicultural Online Experience

“MotionPoint enables us to serve patients and their families more effectively by providing them with timely and accurate information online in their preferred language.”

—Jeff Stewart, Assistant Vice President, Digital Communications, VITAS Healthcare

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Manufacturer Accelerates International Reach in 30 Key Markets

“MotionPoint gives us a turnkey solution to quickly launch and manage successful websites in new markets.”

Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing, Global Manufacturer

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Saving Children’s Lives with Vaccines and Technology

“MotionPoint enabled us to process funding applications in multiple languages quickly, consistently, cost-effectively and with high quality.”

—David Nix, Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi

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Seven of the Top 10 U.S. Health Insurers Use MotionPoint

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6 of the Top 10 U.S. banks Run with MotionPoint

6 of the Top 10 U.S. banks use MotionPoint to power locally optimised sites

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Reconfirms Wisdom of MotionPoint

“MotionPoint is an efficient way to localize websites for our customers across the globe. There are a lot of reasons to like the solution.

- Mark Kammerer, VP International Marketing & Sales

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Spanish Sites Help JetBlue’s Sales Soar

Even after more than 5 years of successful operation, sales driven by increased 284% in 2013, and 119% in 2014.

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Keeping the Melting Pot Healthy

"MotionPoint is simply the best at what they do. We've worked with others who try hard, but in my experience, nobody comes close to MotionPoint in terms of their technology, expertise and attitude."

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Fast fashion. Faster Growth.

ASOS’ strategy doubled sales & boosted international from less than 30% to over 60% of sales in 3 years

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Urban Outfitters Sews Euro Success

“The Internet for us is the most powerful when we use its massive scale to drive international growth.”

- Urban Outfitters Investors Day

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Domestic Trains … Global Sales

Sales have grown quickly - Revenue from the locally-optimised sites generated a 4-year Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 60% from FY '10 to FY '14.

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