February 02, 2009

InTown Suites Launches Spanish Website


February 2, 2009 – InTown Suites Extended Stay Living, has launched a Spanish version of its popular web site, www.intownsuites.com. The new site, InTown Suites En Español, was created by MotionPoint Corporation.

The purpose of the site is to better serve InTown Suites' Spanish-speaking clientele. Collier Daily, Director of Marketing and Communications for InTown Suites Extended Stay Living, elaborated: "Our Hispanic guest base is extremely important to us. Whilst programs to enhance communication with these guests already existed at the property level, we wanted to further reach out to this growing segment by translating our web site into Spanish. We believe this is an important step in maintaining our position as the leader in the economy extended stay industry."

InTown Suites Extended Stay Living partnered with technology & services provider MotionPoint as a part of its strategy to increase communication with this important demographic. "The economic power of the Hispanic market is continuing its rapid growth and represents a group of guests that InTown Suites wants to better reach and serve. We are thrilled to assist the InTown Suites team in accomplishing these goals," said Chuck Whiteman, Senior Vice President of Client Services for MotionPoint.

In addition to the new web site, InTown Suites has translated brochures and collateral material into Spanish and developed an English to Spanish "Frequently Asked Questions" for use at its 138 locations. While these endeavors required significant capital expenditure, InTown Suites is confident that such actions are necessary not only to better reach these important customers, but also to ensure satisfaction amongst Spanish speaking guests.

InTown Suites Extended Stay Living is the nation’s largest economy extended stay lodging chain with 138 locations in 21 states. The company offers its guests furnished efficiency style accommodations with apartment like amenities all for weekly rates averaging $199 for a seven night stay. InTown Suites is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.intownsuites.com.

MotionPoint Corporation’s proprietary technology makes it easy to add any language to any website – and radically improves the ROI of doing so. The company serves U.S. based and international clients from its headquarters in South Florida. For more information about MotionPoint, please visit www.MotionPoint.com.


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