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MotionPoint’s Unique Approach to Portal Translation

Learn how our world-class linguists and technologies deliver seamlessly localised user experiences for complex, secure login areas

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Dominic Dithurbide

February 05, 2020


Providing a fully localised user experience-including secure login portals for customers, employees and business partners-is a vital component for increasing engagement among your company's multilingual and international constituents. Equally important, it influences key KPIs such as customer retention, cost reduction and employee satisfaction.

The technical aspects of portal translation are complex, but there are numerous linguistic challenges, too. Translating content for secure portals requires an especially thoughtful approach because:

  • Nuanced verbiage is required for customer portals, which present personalised content for account management and other needs
  • Persuasive translations can inform cross-sell and upsell buying decisions
  • Superior fluency is vital for localising customer-support content and knowledge base assets
  • Special care must be taken when translating employee training materials and HR information
  • Brand-perfect translations are vital for collateral intended for distributors and resellers
  • Technical accuracy is paramount for repair and service manuals

These use cases-and many others-require teams of experienced, versatile linguists, editors and QA specialists. MotionPoint provides these expert teams to our customers. Our translation applicants must pass a rigorous certification programme. Fewer than 6% pass. Even fewer are hired.

Here are a several reasons why our unique approach to portal translation leads the industry.

World-Class Linguists

It requires more than linguistic fluency to craft great translations. Linguists must have the skills, certifications and a solid understanding of your industry's subject matter and target audience.

Our translation process is ISO 9001- and ISO 17100-certified to maintain the highest quality standards. We also complete regular security assessments conducted by independent evaluators to ensure we maintain:

  • Our status as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider
  • Our compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules
  • Our requirements as a Privacy Shield Certified Organisation
  • And other rigorous security standards

Thanks to the way our proxy-based solution works—which operates independently of your portal’s platform and complementary technologies—our team never sees your customers’, employees’ or business partners’ private data.

Fluency in Your Brand and Business

MotionPoint’s offers 24/7/365 translation availability, and provide a dedicated translation team assigned to your project from day one. The same linguists localize your portal’s content, day in and out. They’re on call for urgent tasks, too.

Since this same team works on your project at launch and on-going, it easily adapts to any changes you make in tone or messaging. And since MotionPoint takes great care to understand our customers' multilingual business goals, we're particularly mindful of word choice, regionalisms and more, and leverage them to help achieve those goals.

Our approach contrasts with how most vendors approach online translations. They often delegate translation tasks to the linguists who just happen be available when your content requires translation.

It’s hard to craft nuanced, accurate translations when your translator doesn’t understand your industry or business goals.

Complementary Technologies to Ensure a Superior CX

Many portals use complex web applications to present personalised user experiences, often with dynamically loaded information for end users. These experiences are technically difficult, if not practically impossible, for other vendors to translate.

MotionPoint uses superior technology that intelligently understands the difference between an application's translatable text and its phrase-based code. It compiles this text for translation and seamlessly integrates the translated content into the localised application, preserving its functionality.

This parsing technology is also optimised to detect the dozens (or hundreds, or thousands) of translatable phrases that may be dynamically presented to users based on their unique needs. We proactively compile and translate all of these phrases, too.

Armed with these unique, industry-leading technologies, our linguists are able to leverage their expertise in your brand, industry and business goals to ensure a fully localised portal experience. No other vendor can deliver this kind of user experience with no customer effort required.

Rapid Translation Turnaround

Thanks to those superior content-parsing technologies and efficient automated workflows, MotionPoint's solution can often detect new or updated portal content more rapidly than competing approaches. This enables our linguists to localize and publish this material in about one business day.

This process includes:

  • Accurately identifying and compiling the content for translation
  • Oversee the assignment of translatable content to linguists and editors
  • Ensure the content is translated efficiently and accurately
  • Integrating the content into the localised portal
  • Visually QA’ing the translated content to ensure it fits within page templates
  • Following this complex and costly process again and again, every time you add or change content to your portal

No other vendor can consistently deliver localised content on such a rapid timeline.


MotionPoint’s translation teams are professional linguists and subject-matter experts who understand the unique nuances of portal translation.

Our dedication to proven processes-and our use of superior translation tools and technologies-can deliver world-class quality for your localised portal, and help positively impact your company's multilingual business goals.

Last updated on February 05, 2020
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