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Increase your market reach with a seamless translation solution.

MotionPoint's approach to web and digital content translation is platform-independent and fully turn-key. We set up, translate and manage your localised sites and other content on a continual basis.

Finally, a website translation approach that just works.

Our proxy-based approach is fully compatible with your CMS and other technology platforms. This minimises your IT team's involvement and eliminates on-going effort. Our solution continues to work seamlessly while you work through website redesigns or re-platform projects.

Integration-Free Implementation & Effortless Operation

Other translation approaches demand months of IT development to implement. Ours requires no integration and typically takes less than 5 hours to deploy-and no on-going effort to operate.

Superior Speed to Market

Our solution can deploy as many localised sites as you need-in as many languages as you need-within 45 days. After that, we monitor your origin site for updates, and translate and publish any new content in about one working day.

Future-Proof Technology

Our approach accommodates any website technology or platform you use now-or in the future. This ensures your localised sites will operate seamlessly during technology updates, redesigns and re-platform projects.

Benefit from best-in-class security and privacy.

MotionPoint is committed to protecting your information through demonstrated key technologies and multi-layered safeguards. Our solution complies with rigorous security standards such as PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA and Privacy Shield.

We are also listed on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers.

Data Protection and Privacy

Our technologies do not store your website users' personal information. Further, we take exhaustive steps to identify and mitigate security risks, implement best practices and continually evaluate ways to improve our processes.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Our hosting infrastructure provides best-of-breed security, scalability and redundancy. We host our solution in physically secure, geographically diverse data centres. We use real-time network monitoring and system defense.

Software Development Security

We maintain development environments with complementing layers of controls. Our approach follows CIS system hardening guidelines. We also routinely train employees about attack methods, and how to avoid them.

Optimizations to help boost your online business performance, worldwide.

MotionPoint uses international SEO best practices and innovative tools to increase your localised websites' discoverability in global markets. Our optimizations also deliver world-class, authentic localised user experiences.

International SEO Best Practices

SEO-Optimised Glossary: Your project's brand- and industry-specific terms are optimised for search engines in international markets. This can increase your localised site's page rank and domain authority.

Global Sitemap Management: MotionPoint deploys localised sitemaps with hreflang implementation. These special tags inform Google that a localised UX exists for relevant users. This can improve your site’s rank and visibility.

Comprehensive Content Detection and Optimisation: MotionPoint’s technology enables our translators to localize SEO-rich content that other solutions struggle to detect, including structured data and single-page web applications.

International UX and Customizations

Language Preference Detection: Our EasyLink® technology welcomes first-time website visitors in their preferred languages. This directs customers to the most relevant localised experience, which reduces bounce rates and increases time on-site.

Localised On-Site Search: Localising your on-site search functionality will deliver helpful results for international users. This will improve your site's UX and increase conversion rates.

Customised Content: Our solution can present customised on-site elements-including regionally preferred phrases, market-specific promotions, content celebrating local holidays and more. This will increase customer trust and engagement.

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