MotionPoint’s Expertise Featured in Wall Street Journal
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MotionPoint’s Expertise Featured in Wall Street Journal

The story, which focused on global e-commerce and fulfillment, was featured in WSJ’s ‘Logistics Report’


MotionPoint’s seasoned perspective on e-commerce and international fulfillment was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The story, which focused on FedEx's e-commerce expansions into China and Japan, showcased the critical role fulfillment and international despatch now plays in global e-commerce.

Western companies like FedEx are smartly expanding to address this growing need in emerging markets. But this growth doesn't come without challenges.

"FedEx will likely face tough competition in the Chinese market from merchants used to selling their wares on online marketplaces, then despatch them cheaply to the U.S. for final delivery by the U.S. Postal Service," the story said.

Charles Whiteman, MotionPoint's senior vice president of Client Services, was quoted in the story. He spoke on the topic of pricing, and how despatch cost impacts consumers-and their buying decisions.

"If you're serving your product into a really competitive market like China, Japan or Germany-mature markets-and you've got a big despatch surcharge," he explained, "you're not going to be nearly as successful as if you're despatch into a market that doesn't have options."

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.


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