Southwest Airlines Case Study

Southwest Airlines Extends its LUV to U.S. Hispanics

MotionPoint is terrific at what they do. They make things incredibly easy for us and are really good at helping us increase the performance of our Spanish language site.

Tony Szatkowski
Senior Manager, Online Production, Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines’ unique combination of low fares, friendly customer service and reliability has made it one of the most successful – and respected – airlines in the world.

Headquartered in Texas and given its fanatical focus on customer experience, it isn't surprising that Southwest has always been very focused on its Hispanic customers. It has spent heavily over the years on Spanish-language advertising and launched a Spanish language microsite in 2004. Unsatisfied with the results of this translated microsite, Southwest knew there had to be a better way.

When Southwest acquired AirTran, it discovered that AirTran had been operating a successful Spanish-language website since 2008. Capitalizing on the chance to learn how AirTran had been successful, executives at Southwest took a closer look.

Southwest's investigation into what AirTran had done to successfully engage Hispanic air travelers online led them to MotionPoint - the company that operated AirTran's Spanish website. The data MotionPoint shared on how the Hispanic market reacts in the online channel made sense. Southwest concluded that MotionPoint would likewise increase engagement of Hispanics online for


Southwest engaged MotionPoint to deploy a fully functional Spanish-language version of The site was an immediate improvement. Even better, with MotionPoint's help and optimisation process, the results in the second year increased over Southwest's successful first year. The trend continues pointing upward.


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