JetBlue Case Study

Spanish Sites Help JetBlue’s Sales Soar

With MotionPoint, site traffic, engagement & sales from Spanish speaking customers soared. MotionPoint is a terrific partner.

Maryssa Miller
Head of Digital Commerce, JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways' award-winning and progressive approach to customer service has always made it an industry leader. And even in 2007, as the U.S. airline industry struggled amidst rising fuel costs and a stagnant economy, JetBlue remained determined to grow. Its plan: increase direct-to-consumer bookings and drive revenue on its own website.

JetBlue realized the rapidly-growing U.S. Hispanic population was a thriving market, primed for online engagement. Wooing these customers could increase the performance its profitable north-south network strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2008, MotionPoint helped JetBlue launch its flagship English-language website in Spanish, to serve U.S. Hispanics and Spanish-speakers based in Latin America. MotionPoint also applied localisation and optimisation tools to the site to further boost engagement and conversion rates.

In 2013, MotionPoint also helped launch the airline’s Spanish mobile website, to further engage the thriving “mobile first” Hispanic market.


Since its 2008 debut, JetBlue's Spanish desktop site revenue has soared. Even after more than five years of successful operation, sales rose 284% in 2013, and 119% in 2014.

Its mobile site has achieved similar stratospheric success. During the six weeks following the Spanish mobile site's debut, Spanish site traffic (across desktop and mobile) grew an astonishing 80%. During this time, revenue from Spanish mobile users rose 363%. Spanish mobile signups for JetBlue's customer loyalty programme increased by 269%, too.

The mobile site was so successful, it recovered its initial costs in just five days. Mobile bookings and revenue remain so high, JetBlue recoups the total annual operating cost of the Spanish mobile site in a single day.


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