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Podcast: Exploring the Promise and Pitfalls of Website Localisation

MotionPoint’s EVP discusses the value of website and multichannel translation on The B2B Growth Show.

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April 11, 2018

Craig Witt
Craig Witt

MotionPoint EVP Craig Witt recently spoke with The B2B Growth Show, a podcast that helps B2B marketers grow their businesses, about the importance of serving global customers in their preferred languages.

In the episode, Witt shared insights about the common mistakes marketers make when they try localize website content. Some key points from the conversation include:

  • Understanding the value of website and multichannel localisation
  • Understanding the cultural nuances of your global customers
  • Finding the right resources or partners to ensure great translations
  • Ensuring your localised sites have the same UX and SEO as your flagship site
  • And more

You can listen to the full episode, or read its transcript, via the links below:

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