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MotionPoint Webinar: Spanish Website Translation for Financial Institutions

Meet Veronica Pastuch, EVP of Translation Operations at MotionPoint and begin attracting the 84% of US Hispanics wanting to learn more about financial matters.

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Veronica Pastuch

September 24, 2021


8 out of 10 US Hispanics seek out financial services info. Yet, financial institutions rarely translate their websites to attract them. Watch our webinar to learn how translation can help you monetize this opportunity!



  • Why Spanish speakers are dissatisfied with the financial information available to them
  • Why Spanish speakers are an underserved market for US based banks and CUs
  • The opportunity cost of not translating into Spanish
  • Federal language compliance guidelines
  • And how to translate websites for Spanish speakers

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Last updated on September 24, 2021
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About Veronica Pastuch

Throughout her 15-year career leading successful multicultural teams in the website localisation industry, Veronica Pastuch has directly contributed to the translation, deployment and on-going support of more than 1,500 multilingual websites, with an absolute commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction.

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