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MotionPoint's avatar By: MotionPoint
February 20, 2018
The footwear retailer's translated website builds loyalty among its key Hispanic customer base.
MotionPoint's avatar By: MotionPoint
January 18, 2018
The iconic global manufacturer tells B2B E-Commerce World about working with MotionPoint.
Craig Witt's avatar By: Craig Witt
October 19, 2017
This MotionPoint customer builds deeper relationships with distributors and customers through high-quality website and document translations.
Craig Witt's avatar By: Craig Witt
October 02, 2017
MotionPoint’s fully turn-key, worry-free solution helps you avoid the technical and operational minefields of website translation.

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MotionPoint's avatar By: MotionPoint
December 18, 2015
JetBlue’s focus on mobile exemplifies a positive and customer-centric approach, writes a MotionPoint executive.
MotionPoint's avatar By: MotionPoint
October 14, 2015
Since last summer, the airline—which has been a MotionPoint client since 2008—has seen sizable increases in revenue and traffic generated through its Spanish-language mobile website.
September 07, 2012