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MotionPoint: A Flexible, Superior Solution for Portal Localisation

Discover how MotionPoint can translate your customer- and employee-facing portals efficiently and securely.

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Dominic Dithurbide

May 08, 2019


It's a best practice to localize your customer and employee portal sites-especially if your company conducts business with global customers and hires in-country staff to support them. MotionPoint provides effortless, secure translation of your portal experiences for any purpose, in any language, for any market.

Common use cases include:

  • Customer-facing portals
  • Internal portals for human resources, training, communications and more
  • Online and offline portals
  • Portals in mobile applications

Flexible Technology

MotionPoint offers several options to meet our customers’ portal translation needs, including a fully turn-key approach, and an integrated API option.

Turn-Key Proxy-Based Solution

MotionPoint's turn-key solution can localize any web-based content, including content on secure portal sites. It leverages the code and content of your web-based portal, enabling the translation, deployment and continuous operation of multilingual versions-for as many markets as you need, in as many languages as you need.

This solution also automatically identifies new or updated content you might add to your portal, and queues it for immediate translation on an on-going basis. New content is translated and published within one working day.


Our API-based approach facilitates the translation of any content that is not web-based, including PIMs, databases, mobile app content and more.

The API can be used to retrieve and repurpose content from translation memory—a database of your project’s previously translated content—with a direct integration between your CMS or other content system that supports your portal. With our API:

  • You can send portal content to MotionPoint manually or programmatically for translation
  • You’ll receive previously translated content from your translation memory rapidly, at no extra cost
  • You'll receive new translations within one working day
  • All translated content is sent directly to your system via the API

World-Class Security

Security, privacy and compliance are key concerns that your organisation has for protecting customer and employee data. They're top priorities for MotionPoint, too.

Our skilled professionals and industry-leading technology guarantee that your company's-and your customers'-sensitive data is secure. Our technology does not see, store or translate private data.

Names, addresses and numbers are automatically ignored by our technology. For added security, special directive tags can be applied to any areas of your portal that we should ignore and leave untranslated. Anything enclosed in these tags pass through MotionPoint's servers completely unrecognized and untouched.

We also ensure security by using your portal's SSL connection throughout the process of receiving, translating, converting and delivering content. We also comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA and other standards that demand the protection of confidential and proprietary data.

How We Eliminate Burden for Your Internal Teams

MotionPoint's solution performs the heavy lifting of portal localisation, freeing you and your team from the burden of:

Translation Management

  • Identifying and sending portal content for translation
  • Importing translated content into databases or other backend systems
  • Managing translation glossaries and style guides
  • Managing translation of multimedia and single-page applications
  • Optimising content to reduce translation costs

Quality Assurance

  • Performing QA for desktop PC and mobile devices
  • Monitoring for content updates
  • Monitoring or editing translated content for quality

Technology Configuration

  • Configuring plugins or connectors with your CMS
  • Configuring multilingual CMS capacities
  • Configuring and managing third-party content for translation
  • Configuring translation servers

Optimisation and Customisation

  • Managing content customizations and localizations for specific markets
  • Ensuring PCI, HIPAA or other security compliance
  • Instead of worrying about the tasks associated with translating your portal experience, your team can focus on serving customers and growing your business.


Serving global customers and supporting your employees worldwide starts with creating engaging, localised digital channels in the languages they prefer.

Localising customer-facing portals or portals for internal use doesn't have to be complicated or put your sensitive data at risk. It can be as simple as turning to MotionPoint, a fast, reliable turn-key solution that makes digital localisation effortless.

Last updated on May 08, 2019
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Dominic Dithurbide is a creative, goal-driven marketing leader that's dedicated his career to the translation industry. Dominic brings proficiency in global marketing, demand generation, and go-to-market strategies to MotionPoint's marketing team.

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