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September 01, 2023


Expanding your business internationally requires a strategic approach, and a vital aspect of this strategy is website translation and localization. If you're looking to expand to new markets to meet a demand, it's important to be able to enter that market quickly and without complication.

In this blog, we explore the key steps of accelerating the website translation and localization process and how fast translation aids in business growth and expanding to new markets. This blog explores the benefits of fast localization for your business and how to accelerate the process using the best website localisation services.  

Benefits of Professional Website Localization 

When you decide to take your business to new markets, there is often a high demand for you to be there. That means you won't want to waste any time in the globalization process. By working with a professional localization company, your advertising and marketing efforts will be localized quickly, leading to some important perks: 

  • Quick Market Entry: Rapid website localization enables faster market entry, capturing global audiences swiftly. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Speedy translations ensure that users can access content in their language, leading to improved user satisfaction. 
  • Increased Conversions: A fast localization process accelerates time-to-market, helping convert leads into customers sooner. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Being among the first to offer localized content in a target market provides a competitive edge. 
  • Cost Savings: Efficient translation processes minimize project timeframes, ultimately reducing costs associated with extended timelines. 

Overall, partnering with a professional translation company and streamlining the localization process can lead to faster expansion, improved user engagement, and a strong market presence. 

How Does Website Translation Accelerate Revenue and Business Growth? 

So, how does fast website localization accelerate business growth? Localized websites experience higher user engagement, longer visit durations, and lower bounce rates.  

According to Common Sense Advisory, 55% of global consumers only buy from websites that provide product information in their preferred language. Another study found that 86% of localized advertising campaigns significantly outperformed English-only campaigns in both click-throughs and conversions. 

Let’s take a look at more of the invaluable benefits of website localization.

1. Optimizes the Customer Experience 

To drive conversions over competitors, customers must encounter a positive website experience. Website translation contributes to enhanced customer experiences by facilitating seamless interaction in their native language, fostering better understanding and engagement. 

2. Increases Customer Access  

Website translation extends accessibility across cultural and linguistic boundaries, targeting specific markets. Catering to customers' language preferences, translated websites resonate better, effectively conveying product/service offerings. 

3. Elevates Search Engine Performance  

Website translation positively impacts search engine outcomes, positioning your site at the forefront of search results. This enhanced visibility boosts customer engagement, driving more visitors to your platform. 

4. Reinforces Brand Trust  

Presenting customers with a website in their native language nurtures trust and credibility in your brand. Effective website translation promotes understanding but also aligns with shopping habits and cultural nuances. Meeting customer needs cultivates brand loyalty and repeat business. 

How to Accelerate Website Translation and Localization 

We’ve walked you through WHY you want fast website translation and localization, so now we need to tell you HOW to achieve it! 

To accelerate the website localization process using a professional translation company, follow these steps: 

  • Plan Ahead: Define your target audience and languages, then collaborate closely with the translation company to outline the project scope. 
  • Choose a Reputable Translation Company: Select a professional translation agency with a track record of quality and speed in website localization. 
  • Provide Clear Context: Furnish the translation company with comprehensive context about your brand, products, and services to ensure accurate localization. 
  • Utilize Modern Tools: Leverage translation memory systems, automation, and localization platforms to expedite the translation process while maintaining consistency. 
  • Establish Effective Communication: Maintain open channels of communication with the translation company to address queries promptly and ensure the process runs smoothly. 

Overcoming Localization Challenges 

If you want to accelerate your business using website translation and localization, you have to be prepared to overcome the common factors that slow down website translation. You could do this whole process manually. That means you'd have to send all your English copy from various webpages to a translator, and then paste the translated content back into your CMS when it's finished. 

This will take an immeasurable amount of time, waste your internal resources, and cost you thousands of dollars on human translation. If you decide to take on all this translation and localization in-house, you may run into some roadblocks…  

Translation is Not a Core Competency 

Your internal team is likely not trained to produce professional translations. This means you'll have to either burden them with difficult training, sacrifice translation quality, or spend thousands on external human translators. 

On top of this, website localization will be impossible without expert linguists who have knowledge of the target audience and culture. 

Quality Assurance 

Achieving successful localization goes beyond the initial translation. It requires ongoing efforts to uphold the quality and accuracy of the localized content. Regular updates, cultural adjustments, and language evolution all contribute to maintaining a positive user experience for diverse audiences. 

High Costs 

While in-house localization might seem like a direct approach, it often involves high costs associated with hiring skilled human translators, managing workflows, and dedicating resources. Moreover, the overhead of maintaining linguistic and technical expertise can be financially burdensome. 

Technology Needs 

This technology not only accelerates the translation process but also maintains consistency across documents, thereby improving accuracy and reducing redundancies. The only way to access all the best website translation tools and services is to work with a professional translation and localization partner. 

Find a Professional Localization Company 

In the digital age, website translation and localization are indispensable for businesses aspiring to global prominence. By embracing cultural adaptation, tailoring content through localization, and strategically expanding, businesses can not only grow but thrive on a global scale. 

As the world becomes more interconnected, the key to accessing new markets and accelerating business success is effective website translation and localization. Using a professional localization company to implement your localization strategy will ensure the greatest success.

Last updated on September 01, 2023
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