Video Mar 29, 2019

Balancing Cost and Content in Website Translation

Are you thinking of expanding into new global markets online? In an ideal world, you'd translate every section, page and product description on your website for international customers.

But budget constraints can limit your project's scope-especially in its earliest days. This forces you to choose which sections of your site will be translated, and which won't.

These three tips can help you make those challenging decisions.

Determine your Business Goals

What's the business objective of your localised website? This is a great way to easily identify sections that require translation.

Are transactions a key priority? Translate your conversion funnel: product descriptions, the shopping cart experience and payment methods.

If your site is designed to generate inbound leads, prioritize SEO-rich content like white papers and blog posts.

Learn how MotionPoint's technology lets you customise your translation scope.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Will you want to present your site’s untranslated sections to global customers?

A "mixed-language" experience could confuse or frustrate them. Consider suppressing untranslated sections altogether or providing a special "interstitial" message that warns customers that a section's content isn't available in their preferred languages.

Discover more ways to improve your global customer experience.

Determine your Translation Approach

Think about how you’ll translate your website, too.

Leverage superior human translations for high-profile products and brand-sensitive webpages. Consider machine translation for your website's less nuanced content, such as simple product descriptions.

Learn more about use cases for machine and human translation.

Keep these tips in mind as you choose the best content to localize for global customers. Remember, the best vendors can help you define a project scope that stays within your budget and delivers a stellar localised customer experience.

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