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75% of global customers prefer to transact in their native languages.

Serving global markets with localised websites generates brand awareness, customer trust and increased conversions. To help you effectively reach these customers, MotionPoint offers a range of translation services that suit every business need and budget.

MotionPoint’s translation options

MotionPoint offers website localizations crafted by human linguists, or a hybrid of human linguists and automated translation software (aka machine translation), or by machine translation only.

Option 1: Human translation

MotionPoint provides dedicated teams of world-class professional linguists and editors who are fluent in our customers’ industries and brands, as well as the languages and cultures of their international markets.

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Advantages of human translation

Context-rich translation: Human linguists use critical thinking and cultural awareness—in ways software can’t—to deliver messaging that resonates with each market’s audience.

Brand tone: Human translation is currently the only reliable way to accurately convey the unique and nuanced “voice” of your brand.

Accurate brand translations: Human translation captures the spirit of your website’s creative copy and brand message. Only humans can understand and adapt this content for customers in specific global markets.

SEO benefits: Human translators are adept at selecting the best-possible translated phrases for international SEO. For now, machine translation can’t do this.

Shortcomings of human translation

Cost: Human translation is more expensive than machine translation. However, MotionPoint’s unique implementation of content parsing and translation memory technology eliminates many costs often associated with human translation.

Option 2: A hybrid approach

MotionPoint can combine human and machine translation approaches to mitigate localisation costs. An ideal hybrid approach might use human translation for high-trafficked pages where nuance and messaging are crucial. Machine translation can then be used for less brand-sensitive content, where word choice is not as important.

Option 3: Machine translation

MotionPoint's machine translation offering can be a viable option for some online content. However, machine translation generally has linguistic limitations that may not make it the best option for high-profile sections of your website, such as homepages, landing pages, technical documentation or brand-sensitive content.

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The advantages of machine translation

Cost: MotionPoint's machine translation offering is comparatively less expensive than its other localisation options.

The shortcomings of machine translation

Simplistic word choice: For grammar and vocabulary, machine translation often uses simpler words and phrases, which can remove details from the original content.

Lack of context: It’s rare for well-crafted “wordsmithed” content to survive the machine translation process. Localizations may get the basics right, but provide none of the flavour.

Off-brand messaging: Machines don't recognise words used for their brand power, and may substitute generic words instead. This affects brand integrity and consistency.

No editorial review: To ensure low costs, MotionPoint does not revise machine-translated content before it is published on your localised site.

Comparing our translation options:

Human Translation

Hybrid Translation

Machine Translation

Translation Accuracy

Superior translation accuracy

Translation quality may vary from human and machine sources, but higher accuracy than pure machine translation

Typically provides simplistic word choice and fluency


Content can be easily customised for regionally preferred dialects and phrases

Human translators can localize brand-sensitive, high-visibility content

Software is often unable to account for regional or dialect variations

Brand Consistency

Brand-aligned website translation that captures your company’s messaging and voice

Accurate, consistent brand messaging on high-trafficked pages by human translators

Software often selects simpler words, which can eliminate the impact of brand messaging

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured through human editorial oversight and multi-step review processes

Human-translated sections are reviewed for accuracy

No editorial oversight is typically provided before publication


The required linguistic, creative and editorial expertise generates more costs than machine translation

An ideal cost-saving compromise over human translation alone

More affordable than human translation, but translations are often of lower quality

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