Our patented SmartSync technology automatically detects when you add new content to your primary-market website, and assigns that content for immediate translation. No notification required.

It also notices when you remove content or pages from your primary site, and deletes the corresponding content from your localised sites.

This ensures your company’s messaging remains consistent, up-to-date, and rapidly replicated across the globe.

And since our Service Level Agreements accommodate translations in as little as one hour, MotionPoint can move as quickly as you do.



MotionPoint's Globalisation Platform uses an industry-leading, real-time content management dashboard called WebCATT.

WebCATT leverages a superior translation workbench—a suite of powerful and integrated tools designed to ensure accurate, consistent translations across all media and channels.

It also provides linguists with a live view of how translated text, images and multimedia will appear together on a web page.

This critical contextual integrity guarantees high-quality, relevant translations.

It also eliminates errors and pesky post-translation issues, such as word growth.

By addressing these challenges, MotionPoint’s platform deploys relevant content more quickly—and far more affordably—than other solutions.

A visual of a website with highlighted segments

Translation Server & Intelligent Parsing

MotionPoint's Translation Server is designed to easily support large, complex and content-rich websites. It streamlines the website translation process, and accelerates the delivery of localised content to users around the globe.

If you can view it in a web browser, MotionPoint's Globalisation Platform can detect and translate it.

This translation engine intelligently parses web pages into their translatable components. This process works even if the page is generated dynamically.

It also smartly parses translatable content hailing from third-party services, applications or servers. No other translation solution can do this.

Our Translation Server even detects and parses content deep within the code of complex website applications—another industry exclusive.


Dynamic Layer Translation Technology

MotionPoint’s software converts your primary-market site into a pre-translated version for global users, on the fly, using exclusive Language Layering® technology.

Translated pages load in subseconds, with no human-perceptible delay.

This process is transparent to a client's back-end software architecture. It supports the translation of both static and dynamic pages (which might include servlets, JSP, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, etc.), secure pages, graphics and more.

Dynamic Layer Translation Technology features