Urban Outfitters Case Study

Urban Outfitters Sews Euro Success

With a robust online presence and 476 stores throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, Urban Outfitters personifies excellence in its industry.

In Spring 2010, Urban Outfitters re-evaluated its European strategy. The company had been selling in Europe for more than 15 years, but the region's accelerating growth demanded a new approach. Urban Outfitters determined that a strong online European presence would drive web sales, boost brand awareness and increase in-store traffic.

The company needed a partner that could help translate and localize its website for these consumers—and replicate the loyalty and success it had created with its English-speaking customers.

Urban Outfitters engaged MotionPoint to help target Europe's two largest markets: Germany and France. The company selected MotionPoint because of its ability to retain the brand's core emotional connection with consumers - replicating the brand's unique voice and verve in new markets. MotionPoint' solution didn't require slow and costly IT work either, which made Urban Outfitters' decision to partner even easier.


Three months later-just in time for the holidays-Urban Outfitters unveiled its French and German websites. Since then, both European sites have experienced strong growth. Anthropologie and FreePeople, two of the company's other leading brands, have also selected MotionPoint to launch localised sites for Canada, Germany and China. Urban Outfitters continues its close partnership with MotionPoint as it builds its brands across the globe.


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