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Thank you for once again delivering excellent work. I'm impressed with the level of work and the quick turnaround you always deliver. Your process and teams deliver a successful solution to our business need. This is a terrific partnership.

Web Director at a U.S.-based

online technologies company

In 2018, a technology and services provider for the audio streaming industry sought to dramatically increase conversions and revenue in two key global cities: Madrid, Spain and Montreal, Canada.

The tech company had several goals:

  • Improve its engagement efforts in the two markets by providing a full CX in their customers’ preferred languages
  • Provide localised user guides and secure support portals to boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Increase market share

The Challenge

The company initially believed it could localize its sites, secure login areas and documents using in-house resources. However, its lean team lacked the expertise to manage the translation aspect of the project.

The project's technical aspects were even more daunting. The customer support portal used elaborate single-page applications and contained complicated dynamic content that was regularly updated.

These complex experiences, often driven by JavaScript, React, Angular and other frameworks, pose insurmountable challenges for a company's internal teams. They also baffle third-party vendors, which can derail localisation projects altogether.

The Impact

The company's leadership realized they simply didn't have the money or resources to localize their customer experience with an in-house approach, or with traditional translation vendors.

Until they found the right solution, the company was offering an incomplete customer experience for Spanish- and French-speaking customers. Executives feared this might send customers looking for another audio streaming provider that could offer localised customer support material in their preferred languages.

It's been a pleasure working with MotionPoint. We're especially impressed with their responsiveness and level of knowledge on processes and technical issues. We've given MotionPoint a vendor score of 93.25 out of 100 points. That's 11 points better than the average score within this programme.

Executive at an international

technologies company

The Solution

The technology company hired MotionPoint to localize its website, customer portals and support documents in Spanish and French. MotionPoint delivered the full project in 60 days-and thanks to its fully turn-key approach, required about only five hours of customer-side effort to implement.

Executives said their project especially benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detects, translates and reintegrates localised text into the customer's secure web applications. Our solution deftly detects and translates its dynamic content, too.
Translation Speed and Accuracy: MotionPoint typically translates, QA's and publishes text content within one working day of its publication on an origin portal.
Omnichannel-Ready: MotionPoint uses translation memory—a database that stores every translated phrase of the customer’s project—to localize the customer’s offline documents, which reduces translation costs.
Optimised Translation Process: Our technology identifies repeating phrases in template-based dynamically generated content, and translates them once-and never has to translate them again. This further minimises translation costs.

The Outcome

With the customer now using MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy-based solution:

  • It has seen on-going increases in customer engagement, revenue and satisfaction in Madrid and Montreal
  • Its websites, secure portals, user guides and knowledge bases are continually localised and up-to-date
  • It benefits from a synchronised, consistent brand experience across all markets

The relationship with MotionPoint continues to thrive-and is on track to expand to additional markets. One executive was so dazzled by MotionPoint's seamless and effortless solution, she called it "magical."


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