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Why Marketing Agencies Need a Localisation Partner

Learn how to find a localisation partner that works with marketing agencies to aid in multilingual business growth.

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April 19, 2024


Globalization presents immense opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and tap into new customer bases. However, success in these diversified markets requires more than just standard marketing strategies.  

Using a marketing agency takes a lot of the strategy and execution away from a business, making the marketing process smoother and more focused. But a marketing agency doesn't have the global business know-how to navigate an international breakthrough. 

Localisation is crucial to this process, and that requires the help of a language services partner. By integrating localization into their strategy, and working with a localization partner, marketing agencies can greatly enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns across the globe. 

The Challenge of Localization for Marketing Agencies: A Deeper Dive 

When starting a website translation project, marketing agencies often start by seeking the most cost-effective solutions, conducting preliminary research and opting for the lowest-priced options.  

This approach usually falls short, though, due to the poor quality of the translations delivered to clients. Localization is a complex field, requiring a nuanced approach that goes beyond mere translation.  


Marketing agencies often stumble when they simplify translation without considering the cultural contexts that affect how messages are received.  

For instance, when KFC entered the Chinese market, their famous slogan "Finger-lickin' good" was mistranslated as "Eat your fingers off," which obviously did not appeal to customers. Such errors underscore the importance of understanding local idioms and expressions. 

Underestimating Complexity 

Effective localization requires substantial resources, including machine translation technology, expert linguists, and experienced strategists. The complexity increases with the number of target markets, as each region may require different linguistic and cultural adjustments.  

For example, a single European marketing campaign can involve localizing content into multiple languages, including French, German, Italian, and Spanish, each with its own cultural nuances. 

Ensuring Quality 

Cheaper does not mean better. A marketing agency can hire a translator for your team to manually convert your content or they can use free tools like Google Translate. But the quality of your multilingual site will suffer. Then you are left to spend money to fix it. Or, if you don't fix it, your conversions will decline. 

Partnering with a dedicated localization provider like MotionPoint helps agencies overcome these barriers by offering specialized expertise and technology that streamline the localization process, ensuring content resonates effectively with each target audience. 

Benefits of Having a Localization Partner 

Partnering with a localization expert such as MotionPoint provides critical advantages for marketing agencies aiming to globalize effectively. These specialists bring a blend of advanced website translation technology solutions and deep linguistic skills that are crucial for adapting content culturally and contextually across diverse markets.  

Research shows that properly localized websites can see a significant increase in engagement rates, with users spending more time on pages that resonate culturally. In fact, translating a website can decrease your bounce rate by 50%. 

Let’s dive into more benefits of working with localization partners: 

  • Enhanced Cultural Accuracy: Localization experts ensure content is culturally relevant and respectful, avoiding missteps that can alienate potential customers. 
  • Technological Advantages: Utilizing cutting-edge tools that streamline the localization process, from automated translations to SEO optimization for different languages. 
  • Scalability: Agencies can manage larger volumes of content across multiple markets without a proportional increase in resources or time, thanks to efficient workflows established by localization partners. 
  • Speed to Market: Faster content rollout across different regions, helping agencies stay competitive by quickly adapting to market demands. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Reducing the need for in-house teams for each market, localization partners can provide a more cost-effective solution by centralizing services.  

Why Partner with MotionPoint? 

MotionPoint’s partnership program is designed to streamline the localization process for marketing agencies. By partnering with MotionPoint, agencies gain access to a suite of comprehensive services that include advanced translation technologies, cultural adaptation, and local market insights.  

These services offer significant cost savings, superior quality assurance, and enhanced SEO optimization tailored to each target market. MotionPoint's extensive track record and proven expertise in handling complex localization projects make it an ideal partner for agencies looking to expand their global footprint effectively and efficiently. 

If you're an agency looking to offer invaluable assets to your clients that want to go global, check out MotionPoint's partnership program. Have a meeting with us on their behalf or refer us to a client and they will get 25% off MotionPoint's technology! 

Last updated on April 19, 2024
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