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How To Maintain Full Control of Your Website Translation Project

MotionPoint's proxy technology lets you customise your content for different markets, translate multimedia content and create a complete user experience for every region.

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July 31, 2018


As your company grows, you'll need to provide localised experiences across multiple languages to satisfy customers in different parts of the world.

The best proxy-based translation technology automates the lion's share of localisation … but does that automation remove your ability to control and customise the user experience for each geography? Not with MotionPoint.

Read on to discover how proxy-based translation gives you the best of both worlds: rapid, efficient localisation and full control.

Easily Customise Your Content for Different Markets

There’s a misconception that proxy translation approaches don’t let you choose which content is and isn’t translated, making it impossible to properly localize material for specific audiences. And there is a basis for that misconception, if you look only at technically-limited proxy solutions that crudely scrape your content and provide verbatim, static translations.

By contrast, today's best proxy technology provides far more granular control than solutions that simply translate based on code. MotionPoint's solution was built to handle all the complexities of localisation, using authentic word choices that build your credibility with regional audiences.

Our solution can easily create custom localised content for your site, including:

  • Promotional offers localised to specific regions, using nuances of language to make offers more persuasive
  • Localised imagery and media so that graphics and in-text phrases reflect the local language and culture, to resonate with those audiences
  • Customised customer service content that can display in-country phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses using local formats

A fully turn-key proxy solution can also give you the option to use human linguists alongside software-powered machine translation to create exactly the right localised content for your global websites.

To maximise your investment, you can also specify whole sections of your site that don't require translation at all, or translate only those user paths that convert the best.

Full Localisation Requires Multimedia Support

It's not enough to localize only basic website text; you need to address the entire user experience, region by region. Yet basic proxy technologies often can't identify multimedia content-things like translatable images, videos and PDFs-and they certainly can't translate it. That limits your flexibility to customise users' experience region by region.

By contrast, leading proxy solutions easily parse and translate multimedia assets. MotionPoint's proxy can detect translatable types of multimedia, and can nearly always translate them without asking you for their source files (such as InDesign or Photoshop files).

Further, if you manage a more complex multimedia or multichannel content structure, you can easily use MotionPoint's API to directly integrate our platform with your content databases. That means you can transmit multimedia or even offline content seamlessly to MotionPoint teams as you like, either manually or on a programmed schedule.

It's especially useful for localising content such as:

  • Product information management (PIM) feeds in global markets or virtual marketplaces
  • In-market social media
  • Customer support content
  • Offline documents for local sales teams and customers
  • In-store materials for brick-and-mortar stores
  • Localised advertisements
  • Email newsletters or promos

Dynamic handling and translation for multimedia content is critical to providing a fully-immersive, multilingual site experience for your users. And because you always have final say over translations, your localised sites maintain your company's voice and tone across every type of content.

A Complete User Experience in Every Language You Serve

Given all the different types of content, applications and technologies that must work together to create a seamless website experience, it might seem impossible to translate your flagship website completely and accurately.

Yet the best proxy technology not only delivers fast, high-quality translations, but also gives you the flexibility to engage as much or as little as you choose during each step of the translation process.

One crucial aspect enabling this is advanced change-detection technology that quickly identifies untranslated content. Your proxy solution should also parse unique content structures such as error messages, on-site forms, dropdown menus and other navigation elements-again with the goal of allowing you to address every aspect of the user experience.

MotionPoint's powerful content parsers-called Site Analyzer and SiteSync-deliver that. They also detect content displayed through third-party applications or integrations (think e-commerce and review platforms or customer service functionality). They even detect and parse translatable content in applications written in Angular JavaScript, JS, JSON, PHP and others.

The result: World-class translations and an authentic UX, all informed by your vision. You can be as hands-on or hands-off with your localisation work as you choose. You have the flexibility and control to decide where you want to deploy low-cost, volume translation approaches-or something more high-touch to maximise users' on-site experience.

That way, you can give your customers a fully-immersive multilingual site experience that feels authentic—no matter where in the world they are.

Last updated on July 31, 2018
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