Hitting New Heights
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Hitting New Heights

JetBlue’s commitment to Spanish-speaking customers, and its successful MotionPoint-powered mobile website, were showcased in a recent business story.


Thanks to expansions into more domestic and Latin American markets—and help from MotionPoint—JetBlue has seen sky-high lifts in revenue and traffic to its Spanish-language mobile website, according to a recent story in Latin Trade.

JetBlue currently operates flights to 35 cities in Latin America, and also serves many key Hispanic markets in the United States. Catering to these thriving markets, in their consumers' language of choice, has been a winning growth strategy for the airline.

"The idea was to create a product in Spanish for that market, to continue developing our strategy with them," Catalina Bretón, JetBlue's Commercial and International Planning Director, told the magazine. "We found that the Latino market is a very active user of mobile technology, that's why we needed a mobile site and it's been successful."

Indeed, mere weeks after the MotionPoint-powered mobile website debuted, JetBlue's traffic grew 80 percent. Spanish mobile revenues have grown 363 percent. JetBlue recovered its investment on the mobile site in just two months, the story said.

Read more at Latin Trade. (Subscription required to access full story.)


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