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Expertise & Excellence: Helping Companies Serve Online Hispanics for Nearly 20 Years

Learn how MotionPoint helps brands engage with Spanish-speaking customers.

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May 02, 2018


Since 2000, MotionPoint has helped brands engage and succeed within the Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic market. The secret of our customers' success isn't just our world-class translations. It's also our approach to technology development, and our in-market expertise that allows us to support marketing teams.

Read on to learn what makes MotionPoint the best solution for brands that want to do online business with the strong and ever-growing Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic market.

Our Technology

Traditional translation approaches require complicated workflows and processes, which tend to become the responsibility of marketing teams. These teams are usually small and already overworked, and quickly find themselves outclassed, overwhelmed and unable to focus on engaging customers in a new market.

Small, overworked marketing teams quickly find themselves overwhelmed by traditional translation.

MotionPoint's solution was built specifically with small marketing teams in mind. Our end-to-end turn-key technology handles all the translation workflows and processes, alleviating marketers of that massive burden. MotionPoint solution was designed with features to support marketing teams like…

  • Keyword optimisation to boost organic traffic
  • Translation of metadata, which also delivers SEO benefits
  • Global sitemaps injected with hreflang tags for discoverability in search
  • Omnichannel support for email, social, and product feeds
  • Content customisation for market-specific campaigns and promos
  • Free, unlimited reuse of translated content in all channels

…and many other capabilities and services.

We know what marketers need-which is less extraneous tasks, and more support for multilingual markets. That's why our technology is made to empower brands to connect with U.S. Hispanic customers in authentic, exciting ways.

Our Knowledge

We understand that a company’s website is a critical component to its marketing strategy, and to be an effective marketing tool, it needs to be accurate, engaging and brand-perfect.

That's why, beyond linguistic fluency, qualifications for MotionPoint translators include cultural, industry, and marketing-fluency as well. Our translation professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to craft content as informative and effective in Spanish as it is in English, using the voice and tone appropriate for the audience, geography, and industry.

To be an effective marketing tool, translated websites must be accurate, engaging, and brand-perfect.

MotionPoint project managers, account executives, and other project team members are also well-versed in the intricacies of the U.S. Hispanic market, and understand the complexities marketing teams face when localising their efforts for this audience.

This enables them to support our customers with data-driven insights that can inform campaigns and marketing efforts, and an on-going partnership to identify opportunities and grow market success.

Our Contribution to the Industry

The U.S. Hispanic market is fast-growing in population and buying power, and strategies to better serve this demographic are increasingly important topics of discussion across all verticals. MotionPoint has set most of its industry's best practices, which have been recognised by thought leaders.

Our subject-matter experts have been quoted in various industry publications, featured on podcasts, and have even appeared on CNN. Our automatic language-preference detection technology has been discussed by SEO thought leaders, and has become a best practice for localised websites.

MotionPoint has set best practices in the website localisation industry.

MotionPoint has even led the way in driving the U.S. telecom industry to become multilingual and multicultural. And of course, we have numerous brands across various industries that we support in their global efforts—in the U.S. and beyond.

The same expertise that makes us world-class in the website localisation industry makes us uniquely qualified to help companies succeed with the dynamic, influential U.S. Hispanic market.

The Takeaway

For almost 20 years, MotionPoint has made it easy for brands to enter the U.S. Hispanic market, as well as new markets worldwide. The technology and best practices that make us a leader in the industry are shaped to support the needs of global brands and are used to drive growth for our customers.

Companies that are looking to reach out to Spanish-speaking customers in the U.S. market, or need support to bolster their current efforts, should consider MotionPoint’s turn-key technology and market experience for their website translation needs.

Last updated on May 02, 2018
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About Reagan Evans

Reagan Evans is MotionPoint's SVP of Sales. He has a strong background in sales and data management and has nearly 10 years of executive level experience in the field. He uses his expertise in global sales, new business development, sales production, and data organisation to drive MotionPoint's market expansion and new client acquisition. Evans leverages MotionPoint's industry-leading technology to drive sales and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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Reagan Evans

SVP, Head of Sales


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