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Chris Hutchins

November 16, 2016

Choosing a ‘Future-Proof’ Website Translation Solution

Are you expanding into new online global markets? Discover how MotionPoint's solution effortlessly accommodates your CMS and other technologies.

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Chris Hutchins

November 16, 2016

Over the past two decades, the Internet has empowered companies from nearly every industry to serve more customers (and generate more revenue!) by expanding into new domestic and global markets. During that same time, the middle class-and Internet access-has experienced explosive growth around the world. With so much opportunity at home and abroad, there's no better time to conduct business online.

But understandable concerns arise for many companies as they aim for new markets, and serve those customers with translated content. A few common concerns: How can we authentically communicate with these consumers? How can we support global order fulfillment and locally-preferred currencies and payment platforms? What about in-language PPC and social campaigns?

But for company technologists, IT professionals and managers-and CIOs and CTOs-the challenges are more nuanced. These stakeholders are tasked with smartly serving their companies' current customers with robust and secure online technologies, while implementing an ever-growing roadmap of new website features and functionality in the months and years ahead.

These professionals demand services that don't just solve problems in the near-term. They seek solutions that can nimbly adapt to their ever-changing needs, while always playing nicely with current and future technologies. They look for website translation solutions that aren't just reliable and secure. They gotta be future-proof, too.

Seeing Into the Future

MotionPoint's solution delivers on those demands. We're proud of our future-proof, industry-leading technologies-as well as the role we've played in practically inventing the contemporary website translation industry, and regularly innovating our solution to meet the demands of hundreds of companies in dozens of industries.

No matter what content-management solution a company might use, MotionPoint's solution can easily manage translations, localizations and deploy traffic- and conversion-boosting optimizations to deliver business success in new markets. Even companies with dedicated multi-lingual CMSs often opt to work with MotionPoint, thanks to MotionPoint's efficient-and independent-approach to website translation.

Indeed, MotionPoint's solution doesn't replace a company's existing technological investments in any way. Instead, it complements and expands their effectiveness, optimizing them for customers in new global markets.

This platform-agnostic approach is compatible with all backend systems available now and in the future, and does not integrate with other technologies' internal processes. Not only does this "light touch" solution dramatically lower the cost of managing a website in many languages, it also delivers security, stability and scalability.

MotionPoint's cloud-based platform achieves this by storing content independent of the webpages where it appears. By dynamically replacing the source-language content on each webpage (often in English) with the proper translated content (such as Spanish), global consumers can instantly engage in content and commerce in their languages of choice, on their devices of choice.

Safe and Secure

This approach guarantees customer security (we're a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, and our solution is compliant with rigorous HIPAA and HITECH requirements), and ensures that a customer's personal data is completely ignored by MotionPoint's system. Instead, it's automatically forwarded to our clients' backend systems. It also integrates seamlessly into a company's existing website workflow, while reducing the risk of depending on any one solution, provider or product.

At the beating heart of MotionPoint's solution is an industry-leading content globalization engine. The solution incorporates translation memory, terminology management, and glossary development-while also maintaining customer-specific glossaries to ensure accuracy and brand-faithful translations. The system intelligently detects translatable content an end-user might see on a website … and content he might not see, including alt tags, meta tags and more.

For ultimate flexibility, MotionPoint also offers a REST-based API that provides direct access to a customer's translation memory to translate and retrieve plain text, HTML, XML or JSON in real-time. Many MotionPoint customers use this technology to feed content to third-party marketplaces, PIMs and CMSs.

Our platform-agnostic approach is also compatible with all e-commerce platforms, since because it works at the HTML-, CSS-, and JavaScript level, communicating via HTTP/HTTPS. And thanks to the platform's flexibility-and our talented technologists-MotionPoint can create customized solutions, unique translation workflows and more to meet special customer requirements.

Give A Little, Get A Lot

This flexibility extends to customer website re-launches, redesigns or re-platforms. MotionPoint easily accommodates these changes. Our teams work closely with our customers to ensure their translated websites experience no disruptions in content or technical performance during these evolutions.

A particular strength of MotionPoint's offering is its "near-zero impact" on customers' IT personnel. In-house translation projects often takes months-and sometimes well over a year-to see fruition. In contrast, MotionPoint's "ask" of its customers' IT teams often takes mere hours to fulfill. Once the translated sites are live, our clients can be as hands-on or hands-off with the ongoing content-maintenance process as they wish.

Frankly, there's not much-if anything-to babysit on an ongoing basis. When it comes to translating content, MotionPoint's platform is omnivorous. If content can be viewed in a web browser, it can be translated by our solution. This includes text, images, meta data, Flash files, PDFs, content in JavaScript, applications and more. Third-party content, shopping carts, and web applications can also be translated. MotionPoint specializes in translating dynamic, interactive, and secure content. Our busy customers don't have to fuss with translations if they don't want to.

Are you an IT professional at a company that’s eying new global markets to serve online? Do you have questions about why a future-proof website translation solutions is so important? Contact us. We’ll happily offer our perspective on the technical aspects of website translation done right … and how MotionPoint’s solution delivers the highest ROI while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.


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