Scaling your brand worldwide can be risky.

Website translation can be complicated. Travel-savvy global customers notice bad translations right away. This wrecks their customer experience, and your brand's credibility. Some major challenges include:


Ensuring accurate and authentic localizations for your site demands world-class linguists—not bargain-basement machine translation.


Building multilingual websites means on-going management investments including new processes, workflows and technologies.

Delays to market

In-house translation projects can take over a year to launch, and fall short during daily management. The result: Lousy UX and alienated customers.

Management risks

Using traditional vendors or in-house staff is inefficient, which increases the risks of brand damage and inconsistencies that can be hard to undo.

A user-friendly solution that gives you control.

MotionPoint puts you in ultimate control of your website translation, while bringing you proven and world-class workflow, processes and teams.

Fast: We launch multilingual sites in as few as 30 days. Content changes are automatically updated within one working day.

Authentic: Our turn-key approach accurately and authentically translates all online and multichannel content, preserving your brand integrity and personality.

Streamlined: Industry-leading technologies and workflows eliminate cross-departmental involvement, and require the smallest effort on your part.

Optimised: Our technology allows you to grow from one to many multilingual websites, while maintaining a consistent user experience that drives discovery and conversion.

A consistent brand experience, worldwide.

MotionPoint's technology leverages the code and content of your flagship website to build versions for global markets. This preserves the look, feel and personality of your brand everywhere around the world.

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Choosing a proxy solution for the translation of our website immediately proved to be the easiest, fastest approach.

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Executive Director, Marketing and PR

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