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International SEO Best Practices Keyword Optimisation

We’re often asked how to drive more organic traffic to multilingual websites. One valuable way to do that is through keyword optimisation.

Keywords form the basis of a solid international SEO strategy. Here are three tactics you can use to optimise them, and help your localised website get found.

Translate your entire website

Translating your entire website is the best way to feed regional search engines with localised keywords. This will greatly improve your organic search results and drive more traffic to your site.

It’s also the best way to earn the trust of your global customers, as it shows your commitment to doing business with them.

Discover additional ways to increase brand discoverability and trust in international markets.

Localize your site

Sometimes, simple word-for-word translation isn’t enough. You’ll want to localize your site by using locally-preferred phrases, cultural references and nuanced translations.

This approach can help your website rank higher in search results, since it leverages the actual words local customers are using as they conduct searches in their preferred languages.

Learn the difference between translation and localisation-and why you need both.

Use translation memory

Great website translation vendors leverage translation memory technology localisation projects. Translation memory is a special database that stores all of your website translations.

Since it can be used to effortlessly re-publish translated content many times throughout your website, it’s usually associated with cost savings.

Learn more about the benefits of translation memory.

But it also helps ensure that translated words and phrases are consistently applied throughout a localised site-including its SEO keywords.

When a website’s keywords are applied inconsistently, they lose authority in search engines. This negatively impacts organic rankings.

But with translation memory, the right localised keywords are used throughout your site every time, which increases authority, rank and discoverability in regional search engines.

Keep these international SEO best practices in mind to help you connect with new customers around the world.

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