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What’s Included?

Free SEO Report:

Receive a customised audit focusing on technical SEO for your international site. (included with first consultation)

Meta Data Optimizations:

Improve meta descriptions to enhance visibility and click-through rates across different languages.

Keyword Localisation and Mapping:

Tailor your content with localised keywords to rank higher in regional search engines.


Adapt your website to cater to global audiences by localising content, currency, units of measurement, and navigation.

Off-page Optimizations:

Strengthen your international presence through strategic backlinks, social media efforts, and reputation management.

Content and Competitor Gap Analysis:

Identify and capitalise on unique opportunities by analysing market gaps and competitor strategies, ensuring superior performance in all markets.

About Gianluca…


With a robust background spanning nearly two decades in web marketing, our expert is a Strategic and International SEO Consultant known for delivering measurable improvements in organic search visibility and performance. Throughout their illustrious career, they have served a diverse array of esteemed clients, including major names like Glassdoor, Idealista,, Outsystems,, SIXT Ride, Vegetables by Bayer, and Visit California.

Our expert's skill set is extensive and deeply embedded in the fabric of modern SEO, covering a wide range of specialized areas including, but not limited to:

Semantic Search & Structured Data:

Pioneering strategies that align with the latest in search engine technology.

E-commerce & Technical SEO:

Tailoring SEO tactics to suit the unique needs of online retailers and addressing complex technical challenges.

Content SEO & Strategy:

Mastering the art of boosting search visibility through compelling, well-optimised content.

International SEO:

Expertly navigating the complexities of global marketplaces to maximise reach and engagement across different regions.

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