We really appreciate our partnership with MotionPoint. The COVID-19 workload just doesn't seem to take a break, but MotionPoint has been there at every step, and with each change and new ask.

Project Manager at a

top U.S. health agency

MotionPoint is helping a top U.S government health agency solve the critical communication challenge of educating multilingual residents during the COVID-19 pandemic—the largest global health crisis of the last century.

MotionPoint currently localises this agency's COVID-19 website in four languages. Our turn-key solution also keeps pace with its rapidly-released urgent announcements, updates and documents.

MotionPoint’s linguists provide a four-hour translation turnaround on all COVID-19 website content, a feat that’s practically impossible with other website translation solutions.

Differentiator: MotionPoint’s Turn-Key Approach

The health agency expends no effort to translate or operate these sites. MotionPoint fully handles the localisation and site management process, enabling the agency to focus its attention solely on the unfolding medical situation and publishing its urgent content in English.

The agency relies exclusively on MotionPoint’s turn-key proxy solution to:

  • Quickly identify new COVID-19 content when it’s published
  • Relay that content to a dedicated team of linguists who are fluent in technical healthcare lingo and the agency’s editorial style
  • Translate, edit, proofread and publish this time-sensitive website text
  • All within four hours of its publication on the agency’s English site

Prior to partnering with MotionPoint, we'd researched many vendors. None provided the same flexibility and ease of translation that MotionPoint does.

Director at a leading

U.S. healthcare organisation

Differentiator: Translation Speed

Here’s why this four-hour translation turnaround is so noteworthy:

  • Websites are powered by complicated integrations of content and programming code
  • Because of this, it’s practically impossible for other translation solutions to accurately identify translatable content at the best of times—much less during sustained emergencies
  • Linguistic expertise in technical healthcare terms, in four languages, is absolutely necessary-and challenging to deliver during on-going crises
  • Additional fluency in the agency’s style guide and “voice” is required, which cannot be guaranteed without a dedicated translation team

Differentiator: Absolute Commitment

MotionPoint’s flexible, adaptive solution handled the agency’s other unique, complex requests:

Aggressive Turnaround: The agency initially asked MotionPoint to deliver the four localised websites in 14 days. This is a challenging request, though not impossible for MotionPoint, since a thorough QA process would occur post-delivery.

Unexpected Redesign: In the midst of the project, the agency announced that it was redesigning its website … and that MotionPoint’s multilingual sites must reflect the new look and feel, too.

This is significant because other website translation solutions don’t adapt well to redesigns, and often require weeks—if not months—of IT effort to properly execute.

An 11th Hour Change: Then the agency said it would need the four translated sites not delivered in 14 days, but fully live and ready for the public in 14 days.

The End Result

These are requests that would delay—or outright derail—other solutions for weeks or months.

Understanding the critical importance of the project … and knowing that millions of lives were literally at risk during the pandemic … MotionPoint adapted to every change. We delivered the world-class localised websites on time, and continually translate and publish its urgent COVID-19 website content within four hours.

MotionPoint will deploy and manage the agency’s sites in even more languages in the near future.






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