We always work well with MotionPoint's team. They have been proactive and shared valuable information. They even launched our website ahead of schedule. We're impressed by the quick turnaround.

Executive at a

global B2B manufacturer

In 2018, a multibillion-dollar manufacturer of computer printing and tracking hardware identified four key goals to grow its global business. It needed to:

  • Localize the customer journey, including its valuable self-serve support and knowledge base portals
  • Reduce the cost and effort required to support global customers
  • Find a digital translation solution that was compatible with its CMS and file formats
  • Improve international customer satisfaction

The Challenge

The manufacturer, which operates with lean marketing and technology teams, initially localised its website using another translation solution. But it quickly became clear the vendor's technologies were limited, resulting in disastrous UX and translation issues.

Further, the vendor couldn't effectively localize the manufacturer's secure customer support login areas. The manufacturer's CMS provider said it would increase its hosting costs by 10x to accommodate the vendor's connector-based approach.

The Impact

This ultimately denied customers access to critical self-serve support and knowledge base content in their preferred languages.

As the manufacturer engaged global markets, its support team soon experienced an alarming-and continuous-spike in support tickets from multilingual customers. This generated thousands of dollars of additional support costs each month.

Customer satisfaction plummeted, too.

We're very happy with the quality of MotionPoint's solution and the outstanding level of their customer support. The translations are also amazing.

Marketing leader

at a global B2B manufacturer

The Solution

The company pivoted and engaged MotionPoint to take over its localisation projects.

MotionPoint's turn-key approach-which operates independently of CMSs, portal platforms and technology stacks-easily translated the manufacturer's website and customer support portal in 60 days. Our customer's executives said they specifically benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detected, translated and reintegrated localised text in the customer's secure web applications, which were created with sophisticated JavaScript.
Localises Dynamic Content: We translated the customer's dynamic content that wasn't visible "on the page," fed through either JSON or XML. Other solutions can’t do this with any reliability.
Configuration & Setup: We eliminated all customer-side IT effort by deploying the servers, software, databases and tools associated with launching and hosting the localised portal.
Optimised Translation Process: Our technology identified repeating phrases in template-based dynamically generated content, and translated them once-and never had to translate them again. This dramatically reduced translation costs.

The Outcome

With the global manufacturer now leveraging MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution:

  • It expends no effort to operate and maintain its localised online CX
  • The number of customer support tickets, and their associated costs, dramatically decreased
  • Customer satisfaction increased
  • Customer churn decreased
  • The total cost to localize, host and operate the portal was far less the other solutions, at launch and on-going

And thanks to the value MotionPoint helped generate with its convenience, cost savings and business impact, the manufacturer engaged us to localize its digital customer experience in seven additional languages.

It now effortlessly serves customers around the globe in Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Polish and German.






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