MotionPoint vs WeGlot

Discover the key differences among website translation technologies and find the best fit for your localisation needs.


Understanding Website Translation

The website localisation process can be difficult and time consuming. That's why it's crucial that you partner with a website translation company that suits all the needs of your organisation.

It can feel overwhelming to navigate the website translation industry landscape without the help of localisation professionals. That's why our team at MotionPoint has launched webpages dedicated to helping you understand the differences among the major website translation technology providers.

You can contact our team today to learn more about what makes MotionPoint unique in the website localisation space. Or, read on to learn how MotionPoint compares with another translation technology company: WeGlot.

What is MotionPoint?

MotionPoint is a website translation and localisation technology company that helps businesses expand their online presence and reach multilingual audiences. By combining proxy technology with advanced Adaptive Translation and teams of certified linguists, MotionPoint enables companies to efficiently and accurately translate 100% of their web content, including text, images, and multimedia elements. This allows businesses to provide a seamless and culturally relevant user experience to global customers, driving international growth and engagement while minimising the complexities typically associated with website translation and maintenance.

What is WeGlot?

WeGlot is a website translation service that assists businesses in translating their websites into multiple languages. It automatically detects and translates website content with a browser-based proxy approach, making it accessible to a broad audience. The platform is designed for those who want to assume the responsibility of editing their sites' machine translation. The WeGlot solution can be integrated into different website platforms. WeGlot aims to simplify the translation process for businesses looking to expand their global presence.

WeGlot vs MotionPoint: What’s the Difference?

MotionPoint and WeGlot are both website translation technology companies. However, there are a few crucial differences in how the two companies approach translation.

Where MotionPoint and WeGlot Differ

While WeGlot also offers automatic content detection and machine translation with proxy, they do not have customer support and it's up to you to fix site outages or translation mishaps. MotionPoint not only invented and refined proxy translation for websites, its premium concierge-level services and 24/7 customer support do it all for you. MotionPoint also offers higher quality translations, through a combination of Adaptive Translation and human translation that ensures higher linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance. Lastly, MotionPoint is CMS agnostic, and can seamlessly integrate with any CMS, making website redesigns or re-platforming projects a breeze.

MotionPoint’s Done-For-You vs WeGlot’s Self -Service

MotionPoint technology automatically handles your translation needs to ensure that your translated website upholds the brand integrity of your origin website. Weglot, on the other hand, provides an array of tools that require you to put in a lot of manual work to try and match that same outcome. For example, with Weglot you must determine which translations need human editing and then assign those for translation. This tedious work is error prone and can result in less-than-desirable translations appearing or even remaining on your valued brand's site.

MotionPoint or WeGlot: Which Solution is Right for Your Organisation?

Choosing between MotionPoint and WeGlot depends on the specific needs of your organisation. If your organisation prioritizes:

  • Linguistic accuracy
  • NMT Translation that’s trained specifically for you
  • Cultural relevance
  • Localisation expertise
  • Automated worry-free translation workflows for media files
  • Concierge-level managed translation services

MotionPoint may be the better choice. With its combination of machine and human translation, MotionPoint ensures high-quality translations that resonate with diverse global audiences.

  • On the other hand, if your organisation is seeking:
  • To invest the time and effort in editing your translated sites on your own
  • An array of tools that allow you to self-service
  • NMT that is off-the-shelf and not specifically adapted to your brand
  • Quick implementation

then browser-based solutions like WeGlot or MP Lite browser-based translation approach can offer a faster way to make your website multilingual without complex backend changes. Ultimately, carefully evaluating your organisation's translation needs and goals will help determine whether MotionPoint or Weglot is the optimal solution to achieve your multilingual website objectives.

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