First, we help you identify which sections of your website to translate.

Automatic, On-Going Content Detection

Our technology then crawls your website, identifying only its translatable content. Our solution does this before we translate your site, and after its launch. It continually detects all relevant content, including:




Structured data and metadata

Dynamic content

Content in applications

Third-party content

And more

Streamlined, Efficient Translation Management

Our technology then simultaneously separates this content into easily-translatable chunks called segments, and processes them through our exclusive translation engineering technologies.

This optimises the segments in unique ways that can greatly reduce your translation costs.

24 Hour
Rapid Deployment of Translated Content

These optimised segments are then routed to our linguists for immediate translation. We typically translate, edit, QA and publish this content in one working day.

No other company in our industry can deliver translations this reliably, this quickly.

MotionPoint's solution can detect your online content, translate it, and launch your localised website in as little as 30 days-regardless of your site's size or complexity.

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