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Translation Technology You Can Trust.

Your IT team may have seen it all, but integrating website translation technology is much harder than it sounds. Trouble awaits—even if you use a multilingual CMS.

Homebrewed Solutions Often Fail, Fast.

Development teams are often overwhelmed by in-house website translation projects. The workload is filled with time-wasting processes. CMSs with multilingual features rarely ease the burden.


Multilingual CMSs lack the tools to make translation efficient and economical. In-house approaches usually require major investments in new technologies, too.


Your CMS customizations make website translation technically challenging. It’s difficult for connectors to reliably transfer translated content to your system.


In-house technologies struggle to localize large websites, or content beyond text, or content for several languages. You rarely have full control over the process.


Poor multilingual CMS features, and the continual effort required to make them to work properly, make in-house translation practically impossible for the long-term.

A Superior, Scalable Solution.

MotionPoint’s unique offering is its technology. It’s designed to handle all of the under-the-hood complexities that make website translation such a burden for your IT team.

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Built for a Different Purpose.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your domestic website, enabling us to translate, deploy and continuously operate multilingual versions for global markets.

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Translation Technology That Makes Life Easy.

MotionPoint’s technology plays nicely with your existing technology investments, making it easy to keep adding multilingual websites to expand your global reach.

As one customer recently told us, “MotionPoint’s technology made it easy to quickly launch successful websites in 30 new markets in nearly a dozen languages.”

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"Instead of going through time-consuming, labour-intensive steps to prepare, update and deploy translated content to the web, we can now focus on our English website and leave the translation and maintenance to MotionPoint."

Lance Bielke
Manager Marketing Communications

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