Localised multimedia assets aren't "nice-to-haves" for translated websites. They're critical.

MotionPoint uses smart technologies and processes to reduce the costs of localising multimedia content. But did you know that by following several simple-to-follow design and coding best-practices, you can drive down your translation costs even further?

We provide several cost-saving insights in this free e-book. You’ll also learn about:

  • The risks of “mixed language” user experiences
  • Ways to leverage localised multimedia content for digital and offline marketing
  • Which multimedia assets are critical to increasing engagement and conversions

You’ll also discover actionable best practices for designing multimedia assets that streamlines our translation process. This will save you time, effort and money immediately-and on an on-going basis.

In this e-book, you’ll discover:

  • The basics of multimedia translation
  • Cost-saving best practices for designing images, videos and more
  • Website coding do’s and don’ts

Remember: Optimising your multimedia assets in key ways can expedite their translation by MotionPoint. Those localised assets will help your on-going efforts to deliver world-class online experiences to your international customers.

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