Maximise the Business Performance of Your Translated Websites

Optimising localised content can greatly improve the UX and conversion rates of your global websites.

It takes more than website translation to succeed in global markets.

To generate the best-possible business results for your localised sites, you should optimise them to maximise traffic and on-site conversions.

This e-book answers your questions about localisation and optimisation, including:

  • How can SERP rankings impact worldwide corporate reputation?
  • What are ‘hreflang’ implementations and how do they impact global search results?
  • How do global sitemaps help search engines discover translated content?
  • What solutions can detect and remember visitor language preferences?
  • How do optimised multilingual sites generate business success?

Finding a vendor that offers effective, efficient optimisation capabilities will fast-track your success in international markets.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Insights into the value of combining translation and optimisation
  • Actionable intelligence for improving your localised website's user experience
  • Characteristics of great vendors that can successfully implement these optimizations

Remember: Translating your website doesn’t represent the end of your journey to serve international customers. It’s the beginning.

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