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Since the rollout of our Chinese and German sites, Trinseo has created a better user experience to strengthen our customer relationships.

Natalie Yuengel
Senior Digital Marketing Representative

MotionPoint’s high quality translation of our technical information—coupled with its technology—have enabled us to serve our customers better.

Lance Bielke
Head of Digital Commerce

MotionPoint enables us to serve patients and their families more effectively by providing them with timely and accurate information online in their preferred languages.

Jeff Stewart
Assistant Vice President, Digital Communications

A powerful solution for localising secure portals.

Engage your global audience with seamlessly translated online experiences that extend to secure portals and login areas. Win more business by providing unparalleled support to customers, employees and business partners in the languages they speak.

Secure, Turn-Key Portal Localisation

MotionPoint eliminates the operational complexity associated with localising portals. We deliver hands-free translation and on-going operation, and ensure the privacy of your constituents' sensitive data.

Easily Handles JavaScript Applications

MotionPoint's superior parsing technologies detect translatable text within secure web applications while preserving their framework logic. We integrate those translations into localised applications, too.

Handles Legacy Systems

Our technology elegantly sidesteps the compatibility issues that arise when localising old-school content databases, custom-built platforms, or portals created with different coding languages or frameworks.

Affordable, impactful mobile app and omnichannel translation.

MotionPoint's industry-leading solution helps brands reach global customers on the digital channels they use most. And we make localising multichannel content a breeze for companies-regardless of industry, channel, market or language.

Translation for All Mobile Apps

Offer global customers a mobile experience that drives conversions. MotionPoint has proven technologies and processes that efficiently localize native, HTML5 and hybrid mobile applications.

Omnichannel Localisation

Translate your omnichannel content, including social media posts, product feeds, content feeds, promotional emails and more. MotionPoint also localises multimedia, such as videos and graphics.

In-Store and Ticketing Kiosks

MotionPoint's robust solution empowers you to localize in-store and ticketing kiosk content into any language. This personalised support increases customer loyalty and conversions.

Accelerate the buyer’s journey with offline document translation.

Localising offline content-such as important forms, catalogues and brochures-presents a fully immersive buyer's journey to your multilingual and international customers. It's also effective for supporting partners and employees in global markets.

Easy Document Translation

MotionPoint offers three easy ways to submit your offline content for translation: our online support platform, our web-based tool and our API.

Meticulous Design

Our skilled multimedia team, armed with cutting-edge skills and software, deliver expertly crafted, localised documents that perfectly mirror your source material.

Full-Stack Translation Solution

Our solution includes all technologies and processes needed for translation, including project management, desktop publishing, proofreading, quality control and more.

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