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Safely Sailing the Translation Waters
A Cruise Line's Guide to Choosing the Right Website Localisation Vendor

Boost Bookings in Global Markets with the Right Localisation Vendor

Authentically speaking your passengers’ languages—especially online—is critical for growth in new markets.

Whether your cruise line is already serving passengers online in global markets or is looking to serve overseas customers for the first time, it won’t achieve sustained success by simply speaking the local language.

To effectively expand into new online markets, your organisation must leverage a globalisation solution that employs the skills of best-in-class translators-and complement their expertise with powerful technologies that can effectively (and accurately) analyse project scope, localize any content viewable in a web browser, leverage that translated content for on-ship use, and much more.

  • Safely Sailing the Translation Waters: A Cruise Line’s Guide to Choosing the Right Website Localisation Vendor

    MotionPoint's complimentary e-book, "Safely Sailing the Translation Waters: A Cruise Line's Guide to Choosing the Right Website Localisation Vendor," will help you understand the nuances of website translation, demystify pricing, and showcase leading localisation technologies-all designed to help your cruise line conduct business around the globe.

Get valuable insights on reaching prospective passengers in China, India and other emerging markets, including:

  • How to determine value, quality, and a fair price for website translation services
  • What you need to know to avoid pricing pitfalls and unexpected costs
  • Which critical questions to ask vendors before assigning a project
  • How to spot shady business tactics that can cost you money and customers
  • Ways to maximise the value of your translations, including using them on-ship-from staterooms and signage to post-cruise surveys and beyond

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