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6 of the Top 10 U.S. banks Run with MotionPoint

  • From credit card to mortgage lending …

  • From online banking to wealth management …

  • Whether desktop or mobile, public or secure, online or off …

  • MotionPoint is the way financial institutions seamlessly and securely deliver all lines of business to diverse clientele.


Why do the most trusted names in banking use MotionPoint to power their success in new markets?

It’s no secret that the web has become customers’ most convenient and the industry’s lowest-cost service channel.

It’s also true that many banks believe the secret to revenue growth is a combination of growing “share of wallet” among current customers and capturing underserved niches of new customers.

The challenge is that due to complex regulation and legacy systems (that vary by line of business), it is incredibly difficult to create a seamless online customer experience that drives these goals. Couple this with the need for 100% availability and bullet-proof security and serving under-served niches of non-English speaking consumers becomes nearly impossible.

Not with MotionPoint. By working with MotionPoint, you can avoid dozens of mind-numbingly complex and costly back-end projects that will (hopefully) result in a coherent online experience for non-English speaking customers. MotionPoint allows you to "paper over" all of the organizational silos, back-end systems, and varying regulations hidden behind every banking website. Our technology sits "in front" of your back-end systems, which makes it simple to serve new customers in the language they speak.

More importantly, MotionPoint leverages its proprietary benchmark data and technologies to drive traffic and maximise conversion on the KPIs that matter most - things like open an account, bill pay, email statements, locate a branch, add a new service, etc.

Is it reliable? Absolutely. MotionPoint's technology operates mission-critical customer-facing applications for dozens of the world's largest banks.

Is it secure? Of course. MotionPoint's technology has been certified by the most security conscious financial institutions on the planet. MotionPoint clients have the comfort of knowing MotionPoint is as focused on security as they are.


At MotionPoint, we love our customers - and they seem to love us too. Here are just of few of the comments we've received from our customers:

  • “A big ‘thank you’ for helping make this a success.”
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with MotionPoint. You have a great team and product offering."
  • “We are excited to see our remaining Spanish-translated sites go live next week and thank you for your support.”
  • “Thank you again for your continued partnership and great work!”
  • "Thanks to the team for your quick response and action. We really appreciate your dedication."
  • “MotionPoint has been, and still is an excellent partner.”
  • “Your people have been exceptional.”
  • "This is a huge milestone on our journey to offer legendary service to our new markets. We couldn't have done this without your support."
  • “Congratulations to the MotionPoint team on a job well done.”
  • "MotionPoint has been a terrific partner for many years. We will certainly think well of MotionPoint now and into the future."
  • "I just want to say thank you very much for being so proactive. In this, and other ways, you prove to be a great partner."
  • "Thanks again for your quick turnaround on our request. This is a true partnership - where MotionPoint and our company can brainstorm solutions, and turn them around in 1 working day. We're thrilled."
  • "MotionPoint recognised that our environment required additional security and oversight, and helped us bring the solution to fruition."


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