Gavi Case Study

Saving Children’s Lives with Vaccines and Technology

MotionPoint enabled us to process funding applications in multiple languages quickly, consistently, cost-effectively and with high quality.

David Nix
Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is a nonprofit organisation bringing together public and private partners with the goal of enabling access to life-saving vaccines for children and populations living in the world's poorest countries. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Gavi serves as a gateway to immunization funding for more than 70 countries.

The Challenge

Each year, Gavi invites low-income countries to apply for programme support. In 2015, Gavi wanted to move its funding application forms and information online, and enable inbound and outbound communications to key stakeholders in four languages-Spanish, French, Russian, and UK English. In addition, Gavi wanted to translate the non-English applications into English for review by Gavi staff members, and by the organisation's Independent Review Committee that meets to review funding applications.

“We wanted our stakeholders, primarily government health ministries, to be able to communicate with us in the language they’re most comfortable with,” said David Nix, Chief Knowledge Officer at Gavi. “We felt that doing so would increase engagement, encourage high quality applications, and ultimately support Gavi’s mission.”

As a nonprofit, GAVI needed a solution that was cost-effective and scalable. "We spend a fairly large amount of our funding on vaccinating children," Nix explained. "Gavi is an efficient organisation and spends as much resource as possible on its mission."

MotionPoint’s technology differentiates it from pure translation companies and is a key part of the value it brings to the table.

David Nix
Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi

Following a competitive and transparent process, Gavi engaged MotionPoint to implement a solution that enabled the translation of country applications submitted in French, Spanish and Russian into English-for review by Gavi staff and review committee members. Moreover, the organisation needed to translate its replies to countries from English back to stakeholders' languages. MotionPoint also delivered, in under 60 days, the online portal that hosts funding application forms and information in the appropriate language.


By implementing the MotionPoint Globalisation Platform, Gavi gained an efficient, cost-effective solution that scales to meet the organisation's needs. "If the number of online applications and interactions grow, we'll easily be able to scale translation with MotionPoint," said Nix. "The solution enables us to process funding applications in multiple languages quickly, consistently, cost-effectively and with high quality."

Gavi's solution also helps improve engagement with its stakeholders and their perception of the organisation. "Language is a key driver of perception," noted Nix. "One of Gavi's core values is being country-driven; therefore, engaging online in the local language enables the organisation to be responsive to countries' needs. We're breaking down barriers to working effectively."

MotionPoint's platform provides a technology foundation to support GAVI's growth. "Implementing and managing translation in the enterprise has a cost, and it's often underestimated," said Nix. "MotionPoint's technology is a key part of the value it brings to the table."

Most important, MotionPoint helps Gavi fulfill its mission by making it easier for stakeholders to apply for vaccine funding in their own languages. Gavi is encouraging countries to apply for funding while ensuring the best possible communications with them.


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