Websites Must Speak 16 Languages To Go Global


How many languages do you think your website needs to "speak" to reach a global audience? According to a recent report by Common Sense Advisory, if your brand is to achieve a truly global reach in our online world, your website must "speak" more than 16 languages.

The report, "The Top Scoring Global Websites," looked at a long list of global brand's websites and rated them for a wide range of accessibility scores, including poly-lingual skills. Some of the sites that scored the highest are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Samsung, and Blackberry.

The number of languages that are necessary to reach a global audience may come as a surprise. Common Sense Advisory determined that sites that use 11 languages reach only 80% of the world, and single language sites typically capture just 25% of the world's internet users.

This report clearly shows that if a company wants to appeal to a global audience, achieving global sales of products and services, it ought to support that strategy with a website that is translated and tailored for more than just a handful of markets.

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