December 12, 2007

Website Turnover Insight Drives Website Language Management Strategy


MotionPoint has been translating websites for seven years. It is the world's leader in Website Language Management (WLM), and has the clients, expertise and quantifiable insight to prove it.

In its on-going efforts to provide helpful data to its clients (and clients-to-be), MotionPoint tracks website "content turnover" by industry-an important indicator of on-going WLM website expense.

“Content turnover” represents how much new, translatable content a client posts on its site each year: product descriptions and photos, promotions, sales literature, press releases, etc.

A surprising-but almost universal-phenomenon MotionPoint has discovered is that its clients rarely know in advance the volume of their sites' turnover. Often, there are multiple content creators involved with these sites (from in-house to third-party creative teams), or very frequent updates are made to promotions, products/services and other timely website sections. The bottom line: websites continually grow in size at such a pace that clients frequently underestimate the volume of changes occurring on their sites.

Over the years, MotionPoint has observed that a client's industry correlates strongly with its site content turnover levels. MotionPoint's groundbreaking WLM service crawls client sites every night, automatically collecting new content to translate, including text, images, Flash, PDFs, etc. These metrics provides a wealth of knowledge about industry trends, website technologies and more.

MotionPoint analyzed hundreds of its managed sites across nearly 20 industries. It found that non-profit, local government and insurance sites have the lowest average content turnover. Further, it learned that these industries have a low-to-medium level variance of results-meaning, the statistical range between the lowest and highest turnover for these sites is narrow.

In the "high content turnover" category, the retail/e-commerce industry led the pack, followed by the travel/hospitality industry. The industry with the highest range of variance of results (whose range was the widest between lowest and highest turnover) was, unsurprisingly, retail / e-commerce.

MotionPoint uses this and additional information to assist longtime clients in prioritizing emerging market strategies, managing costs and finding ideal translation solutions for their sites (from full- to partial-site translation, recommendations of languages in which to translate, etc.). It provides much indispensable WLM "best practice" data such as this to its clients. MotionPoint's goal: To deliver maximum impact for its clients, in the new markets they wish to enter.

This internal study—just one of many—further enhances MotionPoint’s expert position in the WLM market.


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