May 17, 2011

Smartphones Shatter Digital Divide Between Hispanics and Internet Use


The number of Hispanics who use a smartphone as their primary way to access the internet has increased to one quarter of all Hispanics, according to new research from Mintel. Women lead the trend with 30% of Hispanic women reporting that their cell phone is the primary device they use to access the internet. In comparison, only 20% Hispanic men report that their cell phone is their primary device to access the internet.

"For many years, a 'digital divide' has been observed between Hispanics and the total U.S. online population. Broadband access lags that of other multicultural groups, largely due to lack of home internet access among lower income, Spanish-dominant Hispanics," said Leylha Ahuile, senior multicultural analyst at Mintel. "But that's no longer the case - that divide is rapidly being shattered by smartphone usage."

Whether connecting to the Internet from a computer, which is still the most common method for Hispanics to access the Internet, or a cell phone, Hispanics often use their time online to keep in touch with loved ones. 33% of Hispanics online use the Internet to stay connected with friends and family outside of the United States.

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