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MotionPoint’s New ‘Trendbook’ E-Book Series is Here

Discover the Top 30 most attractive global markets based on e-commerce and economic potential, and more.

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June 13, 2016


For more than 15 years, MotionPoint has led the multichannel localisation industry with technological innovations, a commitment to world-class enterprise translation, and proprietary tools and marketing experts that generate immediate and sustained international growth.

Along the way, we've acquired invaluable insights into numerous global markets and industries. We've also learned which critical trends to monitor in the pursuit of maximising our clients' success across the world.

We’ve compiled many of our most important findings into our new Trendbook e-book series. The first in our four-book series is now available for download.

This free 20-page report includes exclusive insights, including:

  • The MotionPoint Index™: The Index combines MotionPoint’s actual client performance information, macroeconomic information, and technological trends to highlight some of the most attractive markets for expansion in 2017.
  • The Global Snapshot: The Global Snapshot provides a high-level overview of which major global factors had an impact across the world in 2015, and offers suggestions of what to look for in 2017.

This first Trendbook e-book can help you identify important trends for your organisation to monitor throughout 2016 and beyond. Watch this space: Future Trendbook installments will highlight technological trends and more!

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