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MotionPoint and WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) Partnership

MotionPoint partners up with WPML to allow a seamless translation integration for WordPress users.

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Ashley Erumsele

March 09, 2022


MotionPoint is pleased to announce its latest translation integration for WordPress. Current and new MotionPoint customers can now assign and receive content for translation directly from the WordPress platform.

Over 72 million websites are managed with a content management system (CMS) worldwide. Forty-three percent of them use WordPress. WordPress is by far the most popular web content management system (CMS) globally.

Most CMSs were not built with translation in mind. Luckily WordPress is not one of them. Localizing website content is seamless through our integration that utilizes WPML's Multilingual Plugin for WordPress.

MotionPoint provides professional translations for 1,500+ websites every day for hundreds of global brands in over 40 languages. Our complete translation solution enables you to deliver your content quickly, efficiently, and securely to every customer.

Old Website Translation Process:

Localizing website content from a CMS can be a manual, slow, and repetitive process. Marketers and Developers waste precious time and resources exporting content, sending source files to translators, and editing those translations for quality. Then they must import the content into a CMS for testing, publishing, and much more.

New Website Translation Process:

Using the latest translation integrations tool, users can now send and receive digital content without leaving WordPress! WPML Multilingual Plugin allows WordPress users to send their translation content to a professional translation service provider. With MotionPoint’s WordPress translation plugin, users can seamlessly have a robust translation workflow and instantly simplify their entire translation process. This dramatically reduces the effort required to create, maintain, and publish digital content in multiple languages.

MotionPoint WPML Multilingual Plugin customers receive:

  • Streamlined translation workflows that can push, receive & publish translated content
  • Fully centralized control of their original and translated content in one location
  • Scalable and customizable localization management across your website
  • Access to translation of over 112 languages through ISO certified professional translators
  • Translation turnaround time at industry-leading speed

How Can I Connect WPML Multilingual Plugin with MotionPoint?

  1. Contact MotionPoint to set up an account.
  2. MotionPoint will create the accounts necessary to enable the customer to translate into their identified languages.
  3. MotionPoint will work with you to install and configure the WPML plugin.
  4. MotionPoint will work with you to capture and create a unique localized glossary and style guide that documents the customer industry’s terms and brand voice.

Get ready to translate your website, applications, or documents into any language!

Are you interested in buying a WordPress translation plugin through MotionPoint? Contact us here! Please mention that you would like to know more about our support for WPML Plugin for WordPress. You can also learn more directly on If you’re a customer, you can also reach out to your dedicated Account Manager directly.

Last updated on March 09, 2022
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About Ashley Erumsele

Ashley Erumsele leads our Solutions Engineering team, working with MotionPoint's existing and prospective customers to ensure business and technical processes are sound, culminating in the global distribution of information in various languages. In the span of over 10 years he has helped many Fortune 500 companies enter new markets and regions across the world.

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Ashley Erumsele

Director of Solutions Engineering


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