Ecommerce Sales Topped $1 Trillion in 2012
April 18, 2013

Ecommerce Sales Topped $1 Trillion in 2012


Global B2C eCommerce grew ~21% to over $1 trillion for the first time in 2012 and is expected to grow 18.3% this year to nearly $1.3 trillion.

According to eMarketer, Asia-Pacific will pass North America this year as the world's largest B2C eCommerce market, to over $433 billion and 30% growth compared to $409.05 billion and 12.2% growth in 2013, respectively.

Asia-Pacific's rapid growth is fueled by growth in China, India, and Indonesia. China, expected to be up 65% from $110.04 billion in 2012 to $181.62 billion in 2013, is the primary growth driver in the region. China also has 220 million digital buyers (the highest in the world and is expected to nearly double to 423.4 million by 2016). Japan, a $140 billion+ market in 2013, also continues to contribute to the size of the region.

Though the U.S. is expected to remain the single largest country in B2C eCommerce sales through 2016, China is closing the gap.

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