April 14, 2011

Brands Explore Bilingual Mobile Web Sites to Expand Reach


Mobile Marketer recently reported on the growing trend of brands launching bilingual mobile web sites to reach new audiences.

Several segments are finding this trend beneficial including companies within the travel industry, brands that have a heavy focus on mobile, and brands that want to reach the U.S. Hispanic market. For each, the key is to deliver information at the point of need, and translating a mobile site simply means that you can serve a larger number of consumers. For example, Amtrak provides its mobile web site in Spanish, German, and French so that it can serve international travelers on the go.

While brands in the travel industry are among the first to make moves toward launching bilingual mobile sites, other industries, especially retail and consumer products, are not far behind.

As the U.S. Hispanic market grows it becomes more and more appealing for retailers and consumer product brands to try to reach them through mobile sites in Spanish.

Brands that are implementing a bilingual mobile site need to keep visual components in mind. "A mobile site is particularly tricky in that you've got a very small screen size, and as you go from language to language, visual layout is really important," commented Chuck Whiteman, MotionPoint's senior vice president of client services.

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