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An Excerpt from Our New ‘7 Winning Insights’ E-Book

Gain a competitive edge in international markets by reading our latest free e-book.

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April 07, 2016


Have you downloaded MotionPoint’s latest free e-book, 7 Winning Insights to Succeed in International E-Commerce? Its 20 pages are packed with key best practices designed to help your company easily enter, and win, in new global markets.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from one of those seven insights, Translation & Customer Awareness:

"Another 'must-have' is language translation," our e-book says. "When performed by world-class professionals, your site's translated content will resonate with the target market in ways that other solutions (such as machine translation or lower-quality human vendors) simply can't."

But in order to achieve sustained success, our e-book says, an international website must transcend translation. After all, once the site is in-language, your company must make sure its new customers know about it.

"For instance, your site should signal to search engines that international versions of the site-in alternate languages-exist," we write. "This helps search engines serve organic search results that are most relevant to the user's language preferences, and where they live."

In the end, "translation is certainly an art, but savvy companies (or their website translation partners) can also apply science to this process, to further boost a website's performance," the e-book says. "Critical data-driven analysis-from A/B tests, traffic and engagement metrics, and more-can identify ways to optimise the localised site's translations, UX, and conversion funnel."

Read more about transcending translation, and discover six other powerful tips to master global markets, in our free 20-page e-book.

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